Think oil pulling isnt for you because it sounds too complicated, too out there and too alternative for you? The truth about oil pulling is that while it is an alternative form of healing and curing physical ailments, its by no means complicated or out there.

In other words, if it has fought off headaches and cured toothaches for the ancient Chinese and Europeans, than its good enough for you.

Have you spent hundreds or thousands of dollars on those trendy cures for your disease, or perhaps youve wasted hours worrying about the future of your health? Make oil pulling just as much a part of your morning routine as brushing your hair, and youll begin to see an immediate difference in your teeth, metabolism and even weight loss!
But before you become an oil puller connoisseur, its important to know how to do it correctly, and to ensure that youre doing it safely. Just like any new activity you take on, you need to know the basics once you do, you can become committed to your health in a natural, holistic way and finally give up putting your physical health in someone elses hands.

Are you sinus issues out of control? Do you have tooth pain that is preventing you from a good nights sleep? If so, its time to halt and rewind. Get out of bed, and head to your pantry for an edible oil such as olive, sunflower or sesame. (If you dont have any of the above, just use raw vegetable oil.) Then its as easy as pie, but may take a few tries to get fully comfortable with the swishing. Follow these steps to do it correctly.

Step One A Tablespoon of Oil a Day Keeps the Doctor Away!
You may not think about it very often, but the truth is, your mouth is a cesspool for bacteria, and the more chemically infused foods you consume on a daily basis, the more of a toll it takes on your body, hormone levels and mood. Focus on a morning routine that gives you the chance to remove all of those detrimental toxins from your body by oil pulling just 20 minutes each day will do it.

Take a tablespoon of oil (any cooking oil will do, but try coconut oil if this is your first time oil pulling). Turn on the TV and watch the news while you swish the oil in your mouth for up to twenty minutes. Just dont swallow, because its full of toxins that you dont want to digest.

Step Two Swish Oil For Twenty Minutes
All it takes to improve your health is twenty minutes a day of healthy swishing, and youll undoubtedly keep the doctor away! If youre new to oil swishing, try to do this as the very first thing you do in the morning. You will work up quite a bit of saliva (which is the most uncomfortable thing about oil pulling) but once you commit to it for a week straight, youll wonder what took you so long to get here!

Step Three Spit, Then Brush Your Teeth
As good as oil pulling is for you, its filled with toxins that can make you sick, if swallowed. Time yourself for twenty minutes, and once your time is up, spit the oil out and immediately brush your teeth. Just like any oil, youll want to avoid spitting it out in the sink (since it can clog your pipes up) and instead spit it out in the trash. You will have some toxins in your mouth left over from the residue of the oil, so be sure to thoroughly brush your teeth, immediately after spitting.

Oil pulling is fast, easy and cheap to do, which beats those expensive, harsh medications and surgery treatments to cure your ailments. Take the control of perfect health each and every morning by raiding your pantry and swishing to perfection for healthy teeth, a faster metabolism and a balanced mind and body!