Oh, popcorn! This snack staple has been a favorite of mine since childhood. Easy and fast, popcorn is a relatively safe treat that is far better for us than most processed food.

If you are going to eat any kind of corn, always get organic. Most conventional corn is genetically modified and covered in harmful pesticides. Store your organic kernels in the freezer to keep them fresh. Multi-colored corn, especially red and blue, contains more antioxidants than white or yellow corn.

Eat the popcorn with something that contains lime juice, even a glass of lime water, to help your body digest the corn.

The Perfect Pop

You will need a large stainless steel pan with a lid, at least 4 quarts or larger, a quarter cup of quality oil that does not burn easily, and about a third of a cup of popcorn kernels. Have a large bowl ready before you begin popping.

I use organic coconut oil to pop my corn. It has a very high smoke point, and will not go rancid or turn into trans fat when heated. You can also use organic grapeseed, sunflower, or safflower oil, though those oils are high in the inflammatory omega-6 fatty acids that most of us already get too much of in our diets.

Do not use olive, avocado, or walnut oils, the high heat needed to pop the kernels will make those oils unhealthy to consume.

Place 1/4 cup coconut or your oil of choice and three corn kernels in your pan. Use a medium high flame. Leave the pan uncovered until the three kernels pop. Then immediately add enough corn kernels to make a full single layer in the pan. Shake the pan side to side, being careful to wear protective mitts.

As soon as the rest of the kernels begin popping, cover the pan with the lid and keep shaking. Keeping the lid off for as long as possible will reduce the amount of steam buildup that usually happens when popping corn in a sealed pan. You may want to occasional lift a corner of the lid to let more steam escape. Shaking the pan in a circular motion will keep the kernels rotating, so they all pop without burning.

Keep the pan over the flame until the popping slows down to nearly a stop. Turn off the heat and keep shaking the pan until there is silence for at least 10 seconds. Then immediately pour the popcorn into a bowl. Dress it up with sea salt, a spray of apple cider vinegar, cumin, cinnamon, chili powder, and/or whatever flavors you like.

If you are going to snack, make your own. High in fiber and low in fat, homemade organic popcorn is a great alternative to processed junk food. Enjoy this recipe for yummy homemade popcorn anytime the fancy strikes you.