Some start their day with a cup of coffee as their only hope for energy as they unenthusiastically head to work. Add a full day of deadlines on their mind and rush hour traffic to the mix and youve got yourself a recipe for high blood pressure, anxiety and even depression.

Not me. I start my day differently because I want practical, beneficial and positive results. I start every day with yoga. It gives me the energy I need and completely clears my mind before I join the rat race ahead of me. No matter how busy I am or how much pressure Im under, I start the day feeling relaxed and peaceful which makes the less enjoyable parts of my day seem manageable.

I live to do yoga and do yoga to live. I would not be the person I am without a daily routine that includes yoga.

It boggles my mind how many pills and so-called quick fixes there are for everything that yoga does naturally. The benefits go beyond what any scientist could create in a lab or manufacture in a factory.

-Improved Flexibility and Balance
Any time a friend tells me how stiff their muscles and joints are or how uncoordinated they seem, I always recommend yoga. Even the simplest routines take the joints through their full range of motion, ultimately helping to prevent bigger problems such as degenerative arthritis. Without hesitation I tell them that their chronic aches and pains will disappear. Subsequently since balance is like a muscle in the sense that if you dont use it, you lose it, Im always encouraging those that I love to improve their balance through practice of yoga poses.

-I love my heart
When the heart is regularly put in the aerobic state it decreases the chance of getting a heart attack and even relieves depression. Not all yoga is aerobic but I enjoy doing Vinyasa a couple days a week. It is a little more dynamic than other types of yoga but its nice to keep things fresh with a variety of routines. I highly recommend it not only for the cardiovascular benefits, but also for the strength benefits.

-Head Case
Along with regulating my emotions and relieving anxieties, yoga has improved my memory, coordination and reaction time. As a woman no longer as spry as I was in my 20s, I appreciate the benefits it has provided me in creating a healthier and happier life. Since regularly practicing yoga, worries and frustrations that used to get me down are no longer an issue. I dont waste time thinking about the things I cant control in the future because yoga teaches me to be present. I am peaceful and much more enjoyable to be around because of yoga.

I cant imagine a day without doing yoga. I need it to provide a foundation of balance that is often missing in other parts of my life. Without yoga, I would probably turn to some of those medications I see on TV to fix my ailments and keep my emotions in check. With yoga I feel my life is complete now and forever.