Growing cannabis indoors may look intimidating to many people but following the right procedures can make the entire process appear unbelievably easy. There are various advantages associated with growing weed indoors as opposed to growing it outdoors:

  • Your horticultural activities is kept discreet
  • You have full control over your plant and its growing environment
  • Horticultural activities can be carried out throughout the year

While growing weed indoors might sound easy for many people, failure to follow the right steps will cause disaster and total loss of your plant. When done properly, however, indoor grown cannabis can produce a high-quality bud than those sold in the streets. In this article, we are going to explain a comprehensive step by step approach to growing weed indoors in a way that is painlessly simple for anyone to follow and succeed.

Before you start imagining how you will succeed as an indoor cannabis grower, there are a few basic steps you should follow to guarantee you a production of high-quality stash:

  1. Select the right seed

Like any other plant, it is always important to choose the right seed before planting it. Whether you want to grow Sativa, Indica or Hybrid strains of weed, the first thing should always be ensuring that you get the right feminized seeds. You should always know that while female cannabis produces buds, male ones dont. There are many reputable cannabis weed dealers online who will help you get the information you need on selecting the right cannabis seed.

  1. Get pot

There are some options for containers that you can use to grow your weed indoors. However, a good option is always fabric growing pot since it allows proper circulation of oxygen throughout the plant. This means that oxygen can reach roots allowing your cannabis plant to breathe.

  1. Fill your pot with soil

This is the most important part of the indoor weed growing process. If you are in the market for a new weed eater, youve come to the right place. Despite filling the dirt or potting soil to the container being the simplest part, you should always make sure that the type of soil you use has the correct mix of nutrients. You should find commercially made potting soil which contains the correct amount of nutrients and can keep the necessary amount of oxygen and light for the survival of the plant. While filling the dirt into the container, you should not compact it down to allow the roots of your plant to penetrate much quickly in the soil and get the needed nutrients.

  1. Plant the seed in the pot

After carefully preparing your soil, now is the time to place your cannabis seed inch deep into it and cover it with a light layer of soil and sprinkle little amount of water for starters. This is meant to keep the soil moist. Too much watering should be avoided at this stage. Watering should be carried out on a regular basis to facilitate sprouting of the cannabis seedling

  1. Provide light

Light is essential for growth of any plant and cannabis is no exception. After the cannabis seedling has sprouted, the light should be provided to accelerate growth. As cannabis grower, you should invest in quality LEDs to provide the needed light for your crop. 18 hours of light should be provided to cannabis seedling during the initial growing stages. This is important in setting the optimum environment for growth. As an important stage for the development of your plant, the location of the light should be well thought of. A reflective wall is often necessary for the growth of your plants as it reduces the need for too much lighting equipment in the room. The efficiency of lighting equipment should also be maintained on a regular basis.

  1. Maintain your plant

Growing and providing light to your growing cannabis plant are not enough to guarantee you results. Maintaining your growing plant should be carried out on a regular basis. As your marijuana is growing, you must ensure that it is always watered whenever the soil appears to dry up. Plant food should also be provided throughout the growing period as a way of ensuring it receives the correct amount of nutrients at all time.

  1. Wait for your plant to mature then harvest

After you have maintained your plant enough, you should wait till it is mature before harvesting. This is typically preceded by initiating the flowering circle. To do this, you need to reduce the amount of light from 18 hours to 12 hours a day. After trichomes are mature which is shown by milky appearance, you should harvest them by cutting the stem carefully without damaging the buds. You can then dry and treat your bud after removing them from larger stems. Place your treated buds on a glass jar and put them in the dark. Now you have your first indoor cannabis harvest.