In the past few years, the practice of juicing has gone from a health food store novelty to a national phenomenon. Juice bars, juice distributors, and juice trucks are popping up all across the country.

These juices arent your average breakfast table variety like orange or apple juice; they incorporate a wide variety of fruits, vegetables and herbs such as kale, ginger, and pomegranate. They pack a nutritional wallop and have been proven to be beneficial for health issues like weight loss, digestion and even cancer.

I could probably write a book on this subject, but for the sake of my readers, Ill keep it simple and give an overview. We can get to more specifics in future posts.

I started my relationship with my juicer about 2 years ago. It is a Breville Juice Fountain Plus, designed to pulverize fruits and veggies into amazing concoctions of nutritional bliss. Our love affair has been passionate and intense. Juice has become my muse. My creative outlet to healthy living.

So how did I become a juicer? My journey began in my girlfriends kitchen early one morning, where I was presented with a luminous green glass of liquid and was told to drink it because it was good for me. Yeah, Ive heard that one before. I eyed it suspiciously and took a small sip. Ill have to admit that my first taste wasnt very pleasant, but I committed to drinking the entire glass and by the end I was beginning to find the taste rather appealing.

Taste was only the beginning. I felt fresh! Energy was coursing through my mind and body. I thought to myself: we may have something here.

Since that morning, I became a dedicated juicer. I began experimenting and creating different juices with different flavors and health benefits. I toyed with the idea of starting my own juice company, but instead, incorporated juicing into my coaching practice to help my clients. With any new health concept, there is always debate and pros and cons about the benefits.

So how do you know if its right for you? Ask yourself some simple questions. Do I want to improve my health? Will juicing help me reach my health goals? How do I get my juice? How do I feel after drinking fresh juice? If youre new to juicing I would suggest keeping it simple. Stop by your local health food store or juice bar and try some juices and see what you like.

If youre ready to go all in and invest in a juicer then you can pick one up for $100 to $300. Read reviews on what juicers are best or ask me. I strongly suggest juicing from home. Your juice is made fresh by you, you can make it the flavor you want, and its made with love.When first preparing your juice, try some greens like Kale or romaine.

Add a nice root like ginger or turmeric, lemon or apple for flavor, and cucumber or celery for volume. Voila! You have a nutritional powerhouse. Heres a favorite recipe of mine:

Bruces Mean Green (Bruce Juice) 25-30 oz
1 large handful of Kale
1large handful of spinach
2 celery stalks
1 green apple
1 medium cucumber
1/2 inch turmeric
1 inch ginger
1/2 lemon (peeled).

A few other tips: always buy organic!Go easy on the fruit! Fruit can cause a rapid rise in blood sugar.If you currently have some health issues, consult your Doctor and learn which juicing regimen may be right for you. Why not commit to your own juice regimen today? I promise you that your body and mind will feel better for it.Need a little nudge? I offer juice detox packages and a free health consultation to get you going.

Stay juicy my friends, Bruce