One of the most frequent requests I receive from MHLC readers is for tips on how to boost their metabolism. Increasing the speed at which your body burns calories makes weight loss easier. When your metabolism is sluggish, weight sticks around, even if you make an effort to eat right or exercise.

Successful weight loss requires finding your bodys sweet spot and mastering your metabolism is an important part of this process. When you exercise on a daily basis, make smart food choices, and rev up your metabolism, your body is balanced and weight loss is almost effortless.

Ive found the best way to motivate yourself to stick to a smart health plan throughout the day is to jumpstart your metabolism first thing in the morning. When you kick off your day with the right mindset and you rev up your metabolism within an hour or so of waking, you set the tone for the entire day.

There are several ways to get your metabolism moving in the morning. Many of these might already a part of your morning routine and simply need a little tweaking. What metabolism boosters can help you jumpstart your morning?


One of the best ways to speed up your metabolism at any time is to exercise. Exercise burns calories during the workout and keeps the metabolism boosted in the hours that follow. When you exercise first thing in the morning, it warms up your body and gets the blood flowing. If an intense workout is too much for you first thing, I find a gentle yoga workout is just as effective for kicking off my day.

Drink a Large Glass of Ice Water with Lemon

Ice water not only hydrates the body, it speeds the metabolism. Ice water is more effective for a metabolism boost because the body is forced to warm the water as it moves through the system. Iced lemon water also flushes the system after a night of sleep and gets everything moving. Since you should drink several glasses of water per day, drinking one upon waking gives you a head start on your daily consumption and fuels your hydration.

Spice Up Your Breakfast

Eating within an hour of waking is essential if you want to keep your metabolism revved up. Your body enters rest mode overnight and calorie burning slows while sleeping. This works because you are supposed to be at rest during the night, but if your metabolism continues to rest throughout the day, weight loss becomes a challenge.

Not only should you eat within an hour of waking, you should choose a meal that offers the great metabolism boosting benefits. A breakfast of scrambled eggs seasoned with cayenne pepper is one of the best metabolism revving meals you can choose. Eggs are packed with protein and the spicy pepper increases your bodys fat burning power.

Brew a Cup of Green Tea

Caffeine is an excellent metabolism booster, but too much can make you jittery and uncomfortable. Green tea provides just the right amount of boost without forcing you into an anxious mood. Research shows green tea boosts metabolism and helps with fat burning, so many consider it natures diet drink.

Additionally, green tea contains many healthy properties that experts believe might play a role in reducing your risk for a number of diseases, including cancer.

Ive found boosting metabolism is easy, especially for those willing to make a few changes. By starting your morning with exercise, a healthy breakfast, and metabolism boosting drinks, you are likely to enjoy lasting weight loss results.