Are you ready to give the juicing craze a whirl?

Today, many people turn to juice as a way of getting their fix of nutrients and vitamins without having to chew down an entire plate of fruit and vegetables. However, before you get started, its worth learning just how healthy juicing is, and what you can do to ensure that you blend only the most nutritious, low-calorie mixes.

Calculating juicing calories can help you to stick to fruits and vegetables that are going to give you the biggest bang for your buck health-wise, and could even give you a boost when youre trying to lose weight. Here, were going to look at some of the highest and lowest-calorie fruits for your juicing blends, and which vegetables you should be using to maximize your weight loss routine.

Keep reading for plenty of advice, and three great recipes too!

Calculating Juicing Calories: Low Calorie Fruits

If you want to make sure that your juices caloric value is as low as possible, but you still prefer fruity flavors over full-vegetable mixes, there are plenty of low-calorie fruits that could work perfectly for you. For example, in fruit terms, fifty calories could be:

  • Two 3-inch slices of pineapple
  • A single tangerine
  • Eight medium-sized strawberries
  • A quarter of a cantaloupe
  • Half of a small grapefruit

Peaches contain about 60 calories per fruit, and plums contain 70 calories in about two medium-sized fruits.

Calculating Juicing Calories: High Calorie Fruits

There are plenty of great fruits that can offer a burst of flavor to your juice recipe, but contain many more calories per serving. One large apple, for instance, has 130 calories, while a medium-sized banana contains 110 calories.

Of course, if youre planning on mixing your fruit with low calorie vegetables, then you could always consider adding these 100-calorie servings:

  • 1 medium-sized pear
  • Around of a cup of grapes
  • 2 kiwis
  • A cup of sweet cherries

One medium-sized orange also contains about eighty calories, making it a mid-way option for nutritious fruits.

Fortunately, if you like vegetable-rich juicing recipes, youll be pleased to learn that most veggies arent overly-high in calories. One third of a medium-sized cucumber contains only ten calories, while two stalks of celery has about 15 calories in total. One medium tomato contains 25 calories, while a seven-inch carrot has 30 calories.

If youre concerned about your calorie intake, then your best bet is to stick to juices that are full of vegetables, and only use a small amount of fruit. However, keep in mind that sweet potatoes might have a great flavor, but theyre also packed with 100 calories per medium-sized vegetable.

A Few Recipe Ideas

If youre not sure how to put this information together into a delicious juice recipe dont worry. We have a few ideas for you that can help you maximize your nutritional value, with fruits and vegetables that have the lowest caloric content. For instance:

1. The Ruby Red Blend

All you need for this simple drink is:

  • Half a grapefruit
  • Three cucumbers
  • One beet.

Not only is it low in calories, but the ruby red blend also helps to promote weight loss. The antioxidant betalains, in beetroot helps to give the root its beautiful red color, but it also assists your body in detoxifying and cleansing itself. During the cleansing process, youll neutralize toxins and flush them out of your system, so that you feel healthier and more energetic in no time!

2. The Green Genie

For this juice, youll need:

  • One stalk of celery
  • Three cucumbers
  • Four large leaves of kale

Cucumbers are made up of around 90% water, which makes them a great base for most juice recipes. The subtle flavor of the cucumber will also help to diminish the stronger taste of the kale, so that you dont have to struggle to get this drink down. These vegetables are very low in calories, and high in nutrients like magnesium, pantothenic acid, and vitamin A. In other words, if youre looking for the ideal green juice that wont load your body full of calories this could be it!

3. The Daisy Fresh Mix

Finally, this simple and delicious recipe will give you excellent hydration and energy, alongside a heap of nutrients! All you need is:

  • A bunch of parsley
  • 2 cups of alfalfa sprouts
  • 3 cucumbers

Because there arent any fruits in this mix, you shouldnt worry about a huge calorie overload, but that doesnt mean that you have to compromise on flavor! This delicious blend should help to refresh and revitalize your senses perfect for getting ready for a long day.

Finding the Juice that Works for You

The chances are that if youre new to juicing, itll take some time before you find the perfect blend of calories and flavor. Dont be afraid to experiment with different ingredients and recipes, and try combining earthy-tasting vegetables with richly flavorful fruits like oranges, and apples for a delicious contrast. Remember, lemon, which only contains about 15 calories, is perfect for adding vibrancy to a juice without significantly boosting your calorie intake.