In my family I have to be inventive when it comes to feeding them lentils, as they dont give this food the respect it deserves. In this dish I managed to make it so tasty they actually ask me to cook it for them now.

Of course its not guilt free as its a fried food but I get around that fail by frying it in coconut oil. Coconut oil has a long line of nutritional benefits and as long as you dont overheat it youre fine. When used in its raw state coconut oil is great as it can actively help reduce your hunger, it improves blood cholesterol and lowers your risk of heart disease. Coconut oil can also help boost brain function by supplying energy for the brain cells. Tests of Alzheimers patients have shown some astonishing results in relieving symptoms.

To make this recipe cook your red lentils in salted water but make sure the result is a relatively dry lentil porridge like a firm mash potato. Add the beaten eggs, spring onions, garlic, chilli, curry powder, pepper, ground coriander and spring greens to the lentils. Be as generous with the seasonings as you like. The amounts listed below are just a guideline. Stir the lentil mix until its all well blended. Next, using a dessert sized spoon or your hands form small balls. Drop these into the coconut oil and fry gently until rich golden brown. Serve with mayonnaise, hummus or sweet chilli dip.


Serves four as part of a main meal

3 cups of cooked lentils
1 tspn ground coriander
1 tspn chilli powder
1 tspn curry powder
8 finely chopped spring onions
2 garlic cloves finely chopped
6 healthy leaves of spring greens cut into thin strips
2 large eggs
Salt and pepper to taste

I serve this with mayonnaise and/or lemon and coriander hummus as a dip.