Life is supposed to be fun. Once we learn the ways of the universe we can see this playful element everywhere. We often make a big deal of everything and forget to be playful. The game is simple. These are the rules:

  1. Everything is geared toward you getting what you want and enjoying your life experience but you have to let it in. We are often resistant and get in the way of the universe. The universe will deliver to you anything you want but you have to be able to receive it.
  2. You get what you want by focusing on it and aligning with the feeling place of what you want. It is not enough to think about what you want; you must change your vibrational frequency to match what you want. You do this through feeling. You get things that make you feel good by practicing feeling good.
  3. You let all the good things in by refusing to focus on what you dont want. As much as possible, if you dont like it, it doesnt exist. Believe and trust that what you want is already done and on its way to you. It is!
  4. There are endless things to want and create. New desires are born every moment. Things that you dont want are helping you to discover more things that you do want. There is an opportunity to create something you want every time you experience something you dont want.
  5. Every experience you have expands the universe so you are part of its continual expansion. By continually desiring new things, actual and conceptual, we are able to create things and experiences that have never been created before.

Amazing isnt it?! Once we have learnt the rules, life becomes a joyful game. One in which we are in control of the pieces. We can endlessly create wonderful experiences for ourselves. It is fun launching a creation and then watching it be provided for us. It is not fun when we havent learnt the rules. When we havent learnt the rules we launch a creation only to feel disheartened and frustrated by its lack of appearance. It will appear. But you have to play by the rules.

If You Can Think It, You Can Have It

Whatever you can conceive in your imagination you can have. Think how blessed you are to have this faculty. We are the only species on Earth that can create a virtual world for ourselves! In this vibrational universe, the virtual is destined to become the actual. Hanging out in the imagination is a powerful place to be. Spend time pulling towards you all the things you want by enjoying your imagination. Whenever you can, imagine yourself living your ideal life. Imagine how your relationships feel. Imagine how you feel at work, in your fabulous new car, with money flowing into your bank account. You can add power to your imaginings by writing them down. Write stories of your life the way you want it to be. Write diary entries as if you are living it. Create picture boards with all the things you desire cut out and stuck on. Picture boards are great because every time you see your pictures you will activate the good feelings that come with imagining receiving your dreams.

Play at Being Positive

Spend less time focusing on what isnt happening in your life. Instead see what is happening in your life now as inspiration for what you want in the future. Focus on the newly born desire instead. Make a game of distracting yourself whenever youre focusing on whats going wrong. Instead, write lists of what is going right. Congratulate yourself on how well you are negotiating a situation. Look for the bright side. We can see the positivity in any situation. A family was involved in a plane crash yet survived with only bruises. Rather than seeing this as a sign of their vulnerability, they chose to see it as evidence of their invincibility. We can choose how we frame every situation. Recognize that every time a door closes another one opens. Get really excited about the next best thing, the wonderful future, regardless of what is occurring in the present.

Look at all the Evidence

If you need some convincing that the universe is benevolent and always looking out for you, look back on your life. Think about all the money that has flowed into your existence since the day that you were born. Have you always been fed, watered and sheltered? Consider the love you have received. Think about all the lonely times when suddenly there was a savior, or times of confusion, or darkness, which morphed into something brighter. Think about how throughout your life, whatever has set you off track has never endured there has always been positive transformation. Give thanks for the amazing miracles life has bestowed upon you.