7 Healthy Gastronomic Habits from Different CountriesThe topic of proper nutrition is more relevant than ever. The staff of Mercury Pharmacy has collected 7 healthy eating habits from around the world that will help you be in a good shape. The staff of this company has engaged and takes part in different nutritional conferences. They try to make people aware of such habits to make them healthier.

Top 7 healthy habits for different countries


Greek cuisine is rich with healthy eating habits. The Greeks prefer eating fish, seafood, fruits and vegetables, herbs and olive oil, dairy products. There is also meat in Mediterranean cuisine, but not in such a large quantity as in some European countries. If you want to be healthy, young and beautiful, follow the example of the Greeks – fresh fruits and berries, serve a vegetable salad seasoned with olive oil.


Indians use many different spices. This is not common peppercorn. Hundreds of spices are sold in local markets. If you add them to dishes, you can not only change the taste of food, but also speed up the metabolism and improve well-being. And also in India there are many vegetarians and less people with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and cardiovascular system.


Pasta, lasagna, pizza are Italian cuisine. It is considered one of the most delicious in the world. Given the fact that these dishes are also high in calories, one can only wonder how Italians manage to remain so slim and beautiful. Could it be because of their tradition of drinking 1-2 glasses of wine at dinner? Scientists have been battling for years over whether alcohol in moderation is useful or not, but you can’t argue with statistics – in Italy fewer people suffer from cardiovascular diseases. When buying wine, choose not necessarily expensive.


Mexican cuisine is savory. Mexicans are famous for their love of legumes and grains. They enjoy burritos with corn, meat and vegetables. But legumes are rich in protein, which has been and remains the main building material for the human body. If the body is deficient in protein, first of all, the skin, hair and nails will suffer, but if there is very little of it, then the deficiency will also affect the internal organs. Mexican recipes are simple and inexpensive for making perfect for a quick lunch break.


Norway’s main product is the red fish. It is so clear that it is useful for the body. No magic pill will affect your health and appearance in such a wonderful way as fresh salmon, steamed or grilled. For some countries, red fish is a real delicacy when for the inhabitants of the Scandinavian countries, it is an indispensable attribute of the daily diet. We do not urge to eat red fish every day – 2-3 times a week is enough.


The French are gourmets who enjoy every bite of food and sip of drink. They know how to turn breakfast into a friendly gathering on the terrace of a cafe, and lunch into a royal meeting. In France, they eat with relish every bite of food, almost never eat on the move, and often hold hour-long feasts. It is this habit of eating slowly and thoughtfully, and not biting into the annual report or watching the series. Mindful eating is the best prevention of overeating and, as a result, excess weight and health problems. They also love cheeses and wine, don’t forget to add them to your shopping list.


The average life expectancy in Japan is 82 years. It’s a good excuse to take a closer look at the eating habits of the Japanese, isn’t it? In this country, they prefer eating seafood and rice, there is so much sushi that you can only wonder where these ingredients are caught and how they are masterfully combined with rice. Japanese cuisine is full of fish, seafood, Chinese cabbage, broccoli, cucumber and soy. The Japanese use minimal cooking and eat in small portions, serving food in small bowls.

Hope our review offered by Mercury Pharmacy and My Healthy Living Coach will help you with good culinary habits.