I made quinoa porridge for breakfast this morning. Quinoa is full of protein and a high protein breakfast is one of the very best ways to start the day. Fasting blood sugar at breakfast (if your last meal was around 7pm) should be around 4.5 mmol. If you have a carb based breakfast sugary foods (that goes for fruit too) and cereals, toasts etc. your blood sugar rises sharply and gives you a burst of energy. Which is great until it crashes around mid-morning and leaves you feeling hungry and out of a physical comfort zone. Which means resisting the tea break cookies or packets of crisps can be hard. According to a study done at Harvard University, a high protein breakfast releases energy in instalments throughout the day. If you get the right amount of protein at least 24grams you could feel more energetic, lose the afternoon dozy feeling, and find it easier to stay focussed through the day.

Quinoa porridge is easy to make but it takes longer than oats to cook. Around 20 minutes but on the plus side it also reheats well so you can prepare it the night before and simply reheat for breakfast.


Rinse and cook the quinoa in coconut milk (or dairy, goats, nut etc. the choice is yours). As it cooks add a tiny pinch of salt and the cinnamon, stir gently. Once its cooked you can add whatever takes your fancy. This morning I added cashew nuts, half a banana and a swirl of honey.


2/3 of a cup of raw organic quinoa
1 cup of coconut milk (as you cook add more water if you think it needs it)
Pinch of salt
teaspoon cinnamon
1 tablespoonful of cashew nuts
Raw honey to taste