This dish might look posh and sound complicated but its incredibly easy to make.

Quinoa Timbales with Roast Cauliflower Recipe

Quinoa (pronounced Kee-noah) is one the most protein rich foods available and a has a myriad of other health benefits too. It contains loads of fibre, almost double that of most grains.

Fibre relieves constipation but also helps lowers cholesterol and glucose levels. Quinoa is also energy dense and eaten for breakfast, sets you up for the day.

To make this dish wash your quinoa carefully (or else it tastes bitter) and cook in salted water. While its cooking break a cauliflower into tiny florets no bigger than the size of a caper.

Toss lightly in oil, salt, pepper and mild curry powder and put in the oven to roast on about 180c for ten minutes.

To make the tomato sauce, chop up an onion very finely and lightly saut it in butter or olive oil. Once cooked add chopped peeled beef tomatoes, salt, pepper, chopped basil and cook gently until tomato is cooked through.

Fry some mushrooms until the moisture has largely gone and they start to caramelise.

Take the hot, cooked quinoa and add a dash of oil or butter and then press it down firmly into a timbale (tea cup will do fine too).

Put the hot tomato sauce onto a plate. Turn the timbale of quinoa out into the sauce, top with the mushrooms and some mozzarella.

Sprinkle with roast cauliflower florets. Put briefly under the grill until mozzarella starts to melt then serve!

Ingredients (Serves 2)

=> 1 Cup of raw quinoa

=> 1 Cup of raw mushrooms

=> 1 Medium onion

=> 1 Ball of mozzarella

=> 2 Large beef tomatoes

=> Couple of leaves of basil

=> Salt and pepper to taste