Raw food diet recipes are easy to prepare, healthy and chock-full of nutrients, poor in calories and very filling, so theyre great allies when it comes to dropping some pounds without feeling hungry, moody and tired throughout the day. The high amount of vitamins and complex carbs in raw foods makes them an effective source of energy while the proteins and fibers in these products prevent muscle mass loss, stimulating fat burning processes.

However, finding the best foods for weight loss can be quite challenging if youre new to raw eating. This is why we took the time to gather the tastiest raw food diet recipes you can eat on a daily basis in order to lose excess pounds. Still, before checking our recommendations below, keep in mind a raw diet is mostly composed of whole grains, beans, fresh and dried fruits, veggies, sprouts, seeds and nuts, oils made of seeds and raw dairy products. So are you ready to commit to a raw diet weight loss plan?

Breakfast raw food recipes

For starting your day energized and boosting your metabolism for accelerated fat burning processes, you can have a breakfast rich in proteins, fibers and good carbs. Oatmeal with peanut butter and berries, banana pancakes with peanut butter as well as berries smoothies, vanilla coconut yogurt, green juices and fresh fruit salad are excellent choices for a nourishing and energizing breakfast. Also, fresh juices made of apples and carrots are very tasty and refreshing.

Snacks in a raw diet weight loss plan

Sliced carrots, protein bars, fresh fruits like apples, bananas, oranges, melons, avocados, apricots or pears make smart ideas for the morning snack. Also, soybean milk with cocoa, flex seed crackers, banana and strawberries smoothies, sun-dried tomato chips, red grapes, nut bread with herbs, zucchini, kale crisps and cashew cheeses are good alternatives for snacks between meals.

Lunch ideas for weight loss

Some ideas of raw food diet recipes for lunch include avocado and carrots soup, salads made of green veggies, tomatoes, cucumbers, onion and olives, coleslaw, vegan cheese, guacamole, zucchini pasta. Fresh smoothies made of soybean milk and fresh fruits, sprouted wheat, beans, celery stalks, clementines, hemp seeds, spinach and seaweed salad can also be incorporated in a nourishing and tasty lunch.

Dinner raw foods for weight reduction

Best foods for weight loss when it comes to dinner are rich in proteins and fibers, as these two categories of nutrients force the body to burn more calories during digestion than the foods actually provide. Sprouted bagel with salmon, thai coleslaw, banana smoothie, salad made of tomatoes, olives, lettuce, avocado and lemon juice, steak tartar, cold smoked meat, tortilla wraps, seeds and almonds are good options for a healthy, nourishing and raw dinner.

Remember to take most of your daily calories from good carbs and to maintain the balance between the amount of proteins and fats you eat. Also, make sure you eat enough to keep your body functioning properly if your daily calorie intake is much lower than your needs, your body will enter the starvation mode and store lots of calories for later use, turning them into fats.

To prevent this and lose weight on a continuous basis during your raw eating regimen, eat whenever youre hungry, but keep portions as small as possible and create a caloric deficit each day by burning more calories than you eat. These simple rules and the tasty raw food diet recipes that can be made of the ingredients given below will take you to your goal weight without even noticing youre on a diet!