Remind Yourself This Too Shall Pass

When times are tough we can be frightened by self-defeating beliefs. We lose perspective and begin to believe this situation will never end and there is no way out. In order to remain strong and motivated you must remind yourself that nothing lasts forever nothing. This trying time will pass, just as all the other trying times in your personal history have given way to something else. Somewhere in the world there are thousands, possibly millions of others feeling just as you do, or who have felt just as you are. It is the same for everyone. We all have trying times and the situation always changes.

Count Your Blessings

When life is difficult we can become so caught up in the problem, or the uncomfortable feelings, that we miss all that is good about our lives. What we focus on grows. It is law. The more we focus on the things that are bothering us, the more energy we are sending toward these troubles. Stopping and noticing all the things in your life that are pleasing to you, that are supportive of you, and that nourish you, can help to re-dress some of this imbalance.

Prioritize Your Time So That it Supports You to Stay Motivated

When life is challenging we can feel over-whelmed by our responsibilities and all the things to attend to. It is a good idea to take stock of this. Eliminate as much as possible from your to do list. Delegate where you can. De-prioritize things that arent essential. Furthermore, make your own self-care an absolute priority. Looking after ourselves well can be bumped from the list before everything else. However, it is the most important thing. If we are not well in ourselves, we cannot achieve any of the things we need to achieve during our tough times.

Commit to Intensive Self-care

Diet is tremendously important for helping to strengthen our immune systems, stabilize our moods and improve our sleep. All of this can be at risk during tough times. We will be able to be more motivated if we maintain physical strength, a calm state of mind and sufficient sleep. Exercising will relieve stress and will release endorphins enabling us to have more energy to be more productive. Prioritizing time to switch off and relax is essential. Whether you are restored and replenished by a massage, a walk in the woods, a soak in the bath or a mountain hike, do it!


When life is tough we can feel afraid and threatened. We activate our bodys physiological response to fear; the system associated with fight or flight. Cortisol and adrenalin is released into the system depleting the ability to digest properly and sending blood to your muscles preparing you for a marathon run, or a fight for your life. This leaves you tense and depleted of energy. It is difficult to think clearly. Sleep is disrupted. Deep breaths will break this cycle and return your system to a necessary restful state. Pause throughout the day. Remind yourself to breathe. Put your hand on your stomach and take three deep breaths. Incorporate meditation into your day. Fifteen minutes is sufficient.

Remember Your Goals and Focus on Your Desires

It is often said that the darkest night is just before the dawn. Life can seem to be the toughest just before moments of transformation and significant breakthroughs. Hang in there! Regularly remind yourself of your goals and focus on your ideal outcomes. Doing so will keep you aligned with a positive solution and stop you from identifying with a feeling of hopelessness. It will motivate you to keep going, regardless of how tough things are. Constantly remind yourself of why you want to make it through and what you want to achieve. It helps to stay in touch with the bigger picture.

Be Your Own Biggest Supporter

What is more motivating? To be put down, told youre rubbish and will never succeed, or to be cheered on, reminded how well you are doing and praised for your courage and strength? Im sure youll agree that the latter is more likely to get you past the finishing line. Do not indulge in negative self-talk and do not terrify yourself with imaginings of an abominable outcome. Instead, give yourself credit, praise and compassion. Being self-critical will add to your problems and take even more of your precious energy reserves. Being vigilantly nice to yourself will help reduce your fears and keep you going. Recent studies show that having self-compassion is more important to a sense of wellbeing than having self-confidence. Therefore, if you are feeling anxious, afraid, or inadequate, be kind to yourself. Acknowledge these feelings and support yourself to keep on trying however hard it feels.