I was looking in the cupboard this evening and sort of got that blank feeling, you know the type, I dont feel like thinking, I dont feel like cooking but I feel like eating something yummy I ended up making this meal, so easy and quick and very tasty indeed.

And I started with a tomato base. There are a lot of foods where its healthier to eat them raw than cooked. Tomatoes on the other hand benefit from cooking in terms of health. Lycopene occurs in higher levels in cooked tomatoes than any other food. Lycopene helps the prevention of heart diseases, cancer, infertility, diabetes and helps your skin stay looking younger. Lycopene has also been known to help prevent osteoporosis.

I peeled a sweet potato and split in half, brushed the halves with coconut oil and cinnamon and let them roast in a mildly hot oven until they were soft and faintly caramelised. While they were cooking I peeled and deseeded two large ripe tomatoes and chopped the flesh into small pieces and cooked this with some coconut milk until the mix was completely smooth. I heated some sunflower oil and fried some oyster mushrooms until they were golden brown then popped them into the oven to keep warm. Without turning on the stove, in the hot pan that Id just used to cook the mushrooms in, along with the remainder of mushroomy flavoured oil I put a small handful of rocket and another of baby spinach leaves and let the residual heat of the pan wilt them down, adding a sprinkle of garlic salt.

I poured the hot tomato sauce into the centre of them plate, laid the cooked roast sweet potato into the sauce, laid the spinach on top of these then piled the hot oyster mushrooms on top of that. Sprinkled with black pepper and Himalayan salt. Delicious and not bad for an evening where inspiration had gone AWOL.


Serves one

1 medium sweet potato
dusting of ground cinnamon or hint of nutmeg
1 small handful of spinach
1 small handful of rocket
1 cup oyster mushrooms
garlic salt or tspn crushed fresh garlic
1 tablespoon oil
salt and pepper to taste

Tomato sauce

cup of coconut milk
2 large tomatoes
Salt and pepper to taste