Being a vegan is much easier today than it was just a couple of decades ago and now we have more options and tastes to explore. Among these are veggie purees and sauces that will take your meals to a whole new level, so here are some you should try today.

Cauliflower puree

cauliflowerAlthough cauliflower isnt popular with children and meat-lovers of the world, its a hit with vegans since its healthier than we realize. So, if you want to include it in your diet, turning it into a puree is a great idea.

Youll need:

  • one large cauliflower
  • five cloves of garlic
  • a cup of vegetable broth
  • one tablespoon of olive oil
  • some salt, pepper, sage and thyme and onion powder for seasoning.

First, wash and chop your cauliflower into pieces, season it and boil in the vegetable broth together with garlic for about half an hour. Then add oil and mix everything up with your hand blender directly in the pot. Let it cool and then serve alongside your favorite boiled veggies. You can even make a bigger batch and keep it in your fridge for a couple of days.

Pea puree

pea pureeEveryone likes peas, right? Theyre nutritious, easy to make and more than tasty. However, if you think outside the box for a moment, youll discover how amazing pea puree is, especially if seasoned properly. This can really complement your meals and show your friends and family what an amazing cook you are.

Here are the ingredients:

  • two cups of frozen peas
  • half an avocado
  • one tablespoon of yeast
  • half a cup of warm water
  • half a lemon
  • some salt, pepper and garlic powder for seasoning.

Cook your peas the same way you always do, but before you place them in a blender with other ingredients, make sure youve seasoned them with enough salt and pepper or, alternatively, some soya or Worcester sauce. Next, squeeze half a lemon, put everything together in your best blender, like Kenwood in Australia, and it will be ready in a minute. All thats left now is to enjoy how delicious and refreshing this simple puree is!

Classic tomato sauce

tomato sauceEven if youre not a fan of Italian cuisine, you must appreciate their lovely tomato sauce it goes well with your spaghetti, Spanish rice, couscous and your favorite veggie pizza. Everyone has their own way of preparing tomato sauce and recipes are usually passed on from one generation to the next, but you can always add a little something-something of your own when cooking it.

Heres what you need for the classic version:

  • two cans of chopped tomatoes, with the liquid
  • two tablespoons of tomato paste
  • one onion
  • two cloves of garlic
  • quarter of a cup of olive oil
  • some oregano, bay leaf and salt for seasoning.

Use a large pot to heat the olive oil and add the onions, garlic, oregano, bay leaf and salt. Stir together for about ten minutes before you add the paste and continue stirring for five more minutes. Then add the chopped tomatoes you can always use fresh tomatoes, but canned ones are quite all right as well and keep it on low heat for about one hour. Add some more salt or pepper and serve. Freeze the leftovers in a plastic container, together with some fresh tomatoes, and use them in the days to come.

The variations

This is the basic idea behind vegan purees and sauces use fresh ingredients, cook them, blend and freeze. Of course, you can use other vegetables as well, but make sure you season everything adequately and it will stay tasty even after a couple of days.