Using positive affirmations trains your mind into more helpful, supportive ways of thinking. They are instant relief against negative thoughts. Affirmations can be applied to any area of life. Tailor them to suit your individual difficulties. Use them daily to integrate better feeling thoughts. Learn affirmations off by heart. Interrupt negative thought patterns with your affirmations. Write lists of affirmations to intensify this process. Stick them around your house, so that you can see them regularly. Meditate on particular affirmations to enhance these areas of your life. Keep affirmations in the present tense. Always keep them positive. Affirm I am prosperous rather than I am going to be prosperous. Say, I feel healthy every day rather than I am no longer sick. Remember, what we focus on grows. The more you use positive affirmations, the more you will see the results in your life.

All is well and I am safe This is a foundational affirmation. Use it at anytime. If you feel rising panic, repeat this affirmation. If you feel worried or anxious, meditate whilst focusing on this affirmation. Make this your first thought whenever anything threatens to alarm you. Know that it is true. All really is well and you really are safe.

My life is easy and effortless There really is no need to stress and struggle. The universe will naturally veer us towards our ultimate good, as long as we are not getting in our own way. Use this affirmation whenever you feel yourself over thinking in order to achieve an outcome. You need to put in action yes, but stress and struggle will only prolong the actualization of your goals. Learn to go with the flow.

Everything is always working out for me –We often fear that everything is going to go wrong, or that we wont get what we want. Use this affirmation constantly, daily. Allow this to be an affirmation that jumps to the forefront of your mind whenever you have doubt. Use this affirmation to practice your happy vibration. Everything is always working out for you, even when it doesnt look like it is. Enjoy the unfolding.

I am a magnet for money Money is important. Without it we have less freedom to do the things wed love to do, share as wed like with others and we use time and energy worrying about bills. Use this affirmation whenever you feel a thought of lack enter your mind. Visualize yourself as a magnet for money and you soon will be. Fix this affirmation in the area of your house where you are likely to manage your finances. Carry it in your wallet, so that you see it whenever you complete a financial exchange.

All my relationships are loving and harmonious We are in relationships with our families, our partners, our friends, our co-workers, our employers and everybody we meet in our daily lives. This affirmation will see your close relationships become stronger. Your work relationships will become more co-operative. You will attract positive exchanges with others wherever you are. If any particular relationship is causing you concern, use this affirmation to bring peace.

I enjoy perfect health now Communicate with the cells in your body and they will stay fit and healthy. Use this affirmation if you are experiencing ill health of any kind. Combine this affirmation with some positive visualization. Imagine pure water cleansing your body of any illness. Your body will return to perfect harmony.

Out of this situation only good will come Trust the universe. This affirmation will help dissipate fear and support you through what could otherwise be anxious times. This affirmation helps you to have the self-confidence to face any eventuality and keep focusing on a positive outcome rather than worrying about a negative one.

I love and approve of myself Many of us struggle with feeling unworthy or unlovable. Repeat this affirmation multiple times a day. Use it whenever you feel shame, embarrassment or guilt. Replace any negative emotion that threatens to undermine your self worth with this mantra. Over time, you will love yourself more. You will notice more self-compassion and tenderness for yourself.

I have the perfect job. I am appreciated and paid well for doing what I love Even if this statement is not true for you right now, use it. It wont be long before things start beginning to show up for you; aligning you with your affirmation. Keep the affirmation visible on your desk so that you can see it regularly as you work.

I am happy, healthy and free Who could ask for more? This is a wonderful mantra to have. Use it as soon as you wake up in the morning, throughout your day and as you go to sleep. Post it around the house. Remind yourself constantly. This affirmation will lift your mood. You really are happy, healthy and free!