1. Nourish Your Body

Be vigilant with what you eat and drink. Cut out everything that is toxic to your body, or at least keep these toxins to a minimum. The less saturated fats, red meat and processed foods, the better. Studies demonstrate that those that follow a vegan diet, avoiding all meat and dairy, live longer than those who eat a lot of meat. They also have more vitality and are less likely to develop toxic diseases such as cancer. Raw food diets also come recommended. Raw fruit and vegetables contain 95% of all the vitamins and enzymes our bodies need. Buy organic produce not contaminated by chemicals. A healthy diet will keep your body nourished and hydrated. You will look and feel younger, have more vitality and live for longer!

2. Exercise

Your body needs to move in order to maintain maximum strength, mobility and flexibility. Cardiovascular exercise (ideally 3 -5 times per week) will get your circulation going, release endorphins (helping you to feel happy) and keep you strong and confident. Gentle stretching, or exercise such as yoga, will improve flexibility and help balance all the systems in your body. Exercise increases your oxygen intake. You will feel energized and have a clearer mind.

3.Keep Hydrated

Our bodies contain 50% water. Staying hydrated is essential as it regulates our temperature and eliminates waste. Drinking plenty of water flushes out toxins, helps us think more clearly, increases energy and lessens feelings of hunger (which may lead us to reach for unsuitable foods).

4. Sleep Well

When we sleep our body restores and rejuvenates itself. The amount of sleep required varies from person to person. Eight hours is about average. If you struggle with sleeping, try making some adaptations. Become disciplined around what time you sleep at night and what time you wake up even at the weekends! Train your body and mind into a routine. Ensure that your bedroom is a peaceful place, free from clutter, and try not to bring work, or electronics, into that space. Keep the temperature slightly cool and create darkness with blackout curtains, or an eye mask. Lavender oil can be soothing for sleeping, so use a few drops of on your pillow.

5. Meditate

When you breathe in, you take life force into your body, and breathing out expels used oxygen. Increased oxygen in your body helps all your vital organs and your muscles. Meditation for twenty minutes a day creates mindfulness of negative thought patterns and slows down the constant chatter. With meditation, we learn to pause, becoming calmer, and less reactive. Meditation aids a healthy body by reducing the consequences of stress, which can be incredibly harmful to the body.

6. Think loving thoughts

There is a feedback loop between the body and the brain. Negative thoughts will create hormone reactions that will send messages to your body that all is not well. There is a growing field of study showing the affect of our thinking on our body. Our mind has the ability to create illness in our body and indeed, generate healing. Lavish your body with loving thoughts. It will keep your body balanced, reduce toxicity, and it deserves some love!

7. Have good posture

Good posture aids with the alignment of the whole skeletal structure. Misalignment in the skeletal system can affect health in our vital organs and change our moods. Good posture creates an open chest, which allows us to breathe more deeply. Alignment in our skeleton will reduce stress to any particular muscle, or ligament. Remember to sit up straight, not arching your spine but activating your stomach muscles. Seek the assistance of a good chiropractor to get you started, or practice regular yoga, which will help with posture and core strength.

8. Detox

Toxins can stay in the cells and tissues for years unless eliminated. Toxicity in the body can increase diseases such as cancer, obesity and cardiovascular disease. There are cleanses and detox programs you can follow. Once in a while, flush everything from your system. More regularly, massage stimulates the lymphatic system. This promotes the elimination of toxins. If you cannot afford to see a practitioner, massage yourself, or regularly brush your skin. Always use circular motions and move towards your heart area.

9. Be mindful of beauty products

The more natural the ingredients in any product, the better. Studies show certain chemicals are harmful to us when absorbed into the body. Parabens, found in certain deodorants and shampoos are best avoided, as is Flouride (commonly used in toothpaste and other consumable products).

10. Have fun and relax

Stress is damaging to the body. It creates imbalance and an inability to function in many of our vital systems. If we are constantly stressed, our bodies are in fight or flight mode. In preparation for facing danger, many of our ordinary functions shut down. Digestion, for example, is impeded. Create ways to relax and have fun. This will allow your parasympathetic system, (which is responsible for rest), to return your body to balance.