As a parent it may seem impossible to find food kids like. We try hard to put together nutritious meals and snacks for our children, but sometimes they arent appealing to their tastes. It can make a parent wonder how they can get all the necessary nutrients into their kids while somehow making the idea of healthy eating fun.

There are some simple but effective ways to find food that kids like which also happen to be healthy.

Appeal To All of Their Senses

First start by focusing on color, as that will always win them over. Kids love colourful foods and so as you think through the food kids like you want to load their plate with vibrant hues. This means that you pull in lots of fresh fruits and vegetables to create a rainbow on their plate.

Try to incorporate different colors of foods each day as that makes it interesting. They also happen to be eating loads of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants as they enjoy the colors of the rainbow.

Make your kids part of the preparation process too. When you think of food that kids like you can adjust nearly any recipe to make it healthy and deliciousand that makes for a win win! Let your child help you search for recipes to ensure that you end up with food kids like and the bonus is that you get their involvement and buy in up front.

You can lovingly prepare a dish like pizza, but make it on whole grain crust and then offer toppings such as chopped peppers, tomatoes, and grilled chicken for a fun twist.

Get Them Involved and Make It Fun

You want to make each meal a fun event and the more involved that your kids can be the better. Let them pick their breakfast of choice the night before and help them to prepare it. Consider a yogurt parfait with low fat yogurt with layers of granola and fresh berries in between.

Not only do you get the color factor with a breakfast like this, but you also make it delicious. Food kids like have to not only look appealing but actually taste good tooif they happen to be nutritious as well, then thats a big bonus for you as a parent!

You also want to think through some of your childs favorite dishes and then find a way to make a healthier alternative. In the realm of food that kids like you can turn a classic dish like macaroni and cheese into something even healthier with a few substitutions and additions.

Consider using low fat milk and margarine for the higher fat alternative. Grind up some carrots or even butternut squash that will blend easily into the sauce and they wont even realize how packed full of nutrients this dish really is.

Food kids like arent hard to figure out, just think of what they like and then use that basis to create something healthier, nutritious, and delicious with every bite that they take.