I love this soup because Im basically lazy and its a very quick, energy saving, energy boost thats cheap and healthy and takes very little time to make. For busy people trying to stay on top of their health and diet this is perfect.

I like to incorporate chick peas in my diet because theyre brilliant at balancing the good and bad cholesterols and they help control blood sugar and insulin secretion. Kidney beans are also full of iron and fibre and butter beans are added because of their yummy buttery taste. That said they bring their own health benefits too, not least of all being renowned for being heart friendly.

Take a tin (ideally organic) each of kidney beans, chickpeas and butter beans, drain and rinse. Take a large onion, garlic and ginger; chop very finely and fry in olive oil. As they are frying add a good pinch of ground cinnamon, a tiny pinch of ground cloves, salt and black pepper. Once the onions are cooked add a tin of tomato passata and a cup of vegetable stock. Mix in the drained beans and bring to the boil.



1 tin organic chick peas (garbanzo beans)
1 tin organic butter beans (lima beans)
1 tin organic red kidney beans
1 large onion
4 cloves of garlic
1 teaspoon full of crushed ginger
1 healthy pinch of cinnamon
1 light pinch of ground gloves
1 cup of organic vegetable stock
1 410g (ish) of tomato passata
Salt and pepper to taste

Serve with protein bread and butter.
(This soup is good on day one, tasty on day two and delicious on day three once the flavours have merged properly. Providing of course its been properly stored in a cold fridge! This soup freezes well too.)