Its a sad day to admit that obesity in children is on the rise. Though many of us dont want to admit this as parents we must recognize that more and more children are overweight and therefore suffering major health consequences as a result.

Though we may not want to take a long hard look at our own habits this is an essential component in how to prevent obesity in children. We must be good role models and set our kids up for great success for their health and their lives in general.

Several Factors To Blame for the Epidemic

As we look to identify the problem of obesity in children there are several factors which we can point to. First and foremost are the types of foods that we feed to our kids. It used to be that we provided our kids healthy and natural foods which we lovingly prepared from scratch.

Due to time constraints and moving more towards convenience than anything else we turn to far more processed foods. These ultimately mean more calories, more fat, and a much more undesirable component that contributes to obesity in children.

As we search for answers in how to prevent obesity in children we may also find that its in the way that we eat. Not only do we eat far more fat and calories in a day than we need, but were doing so on the run. We often allow our kids to skip breakfast which leans to overeating at lunch and so on.

The cycle continues when we pick up fast food or give them a short window to shove down some fatty meal before they head off to extracurricular activities. Obesity in children is very closely linked to the types of foods that we eat and the way in which we eat them.

Changing Our Bad Habits to Good Ones

We can also point to a far more sedentary lifestyle in terms of obesity in children. Kids spend far more time in front of the TV and computer than they ever used to. Instead of going out to play or finding something to keep them active and fit they are spending hours sitting on the couch.

If we look at how to prevent obesity in children its about getting rid of the sedentary lifestyle and replacing it with a more active one.

Its essential that we act as good role models and teach our kids the right things to do. When we think of how to prevent obesity in children its imperative to show them what a healthy lifestyle looks like.

If they learn early on what the right things to do are, what the best foods to eat are, and how to make an active lifestyle the only way to go, then we are setting them up for success.

Obesity in children may be an epidemic, but its one that we can break free of if we teach our kids healthy habits and set them up for clean living.