If you wanted to bulk up those bicep muscles of yours, youd hit the gym and spend your energy lifting chest reps, pumping iron and becoming a pro at push-ups, right? If youve felt less than adequate and have been comparing yourself to others recently, consider working out a new muscle your confidence.

Your confidence needs to be exercised just as much as any other part of yourself does. Its an essential component to your happiness, your personal and professional satisfaction, and even your ability to think clear headed and positive, so that you can create a positive outcome for your life.

Are you feeling less than worthy of the career, love life or possible future you dream of having? These top exercises will not only boost your confidence level theyll whip up your feelings of inadequacy to submission.

Youre Unique, Beautiful and Talented
Sometimes, we are so busy worrying about what we have to do, how poorly were doing it, or doubting our ability to do it well at all that we miss the main idea. The idea is this everything we need to know is already within us. Or, in other words, stop searching the Universe for the answers. The Universe is inside of you. You are part of the answer. You ARE the answer.

We live in a world that honors, respects and validates the intellectual mind. What has been proven is real. What we cant see, touch or taste, is a fabrication of our imagination. But as you may already know, not everything that is real can be seen with the naked eye or scientifically proven in test labs.

Remind Yourself of Your Amazing Qualities
Meditation, for example was once thought by the Western world as a silly practice suitable for hippys and New Age folks that believed in alternative medicine. Now, they know (through extensive clinical studies) that meditation alleviates stress, improves your mood, helps assist those in recovery and is a crucial part of overcoming depression and other illness.

If you want to improve your confidence, remind yourself that everything you need to know to feel better and look better is in your control. Its not about using the latest miracle cream to get rid of your laugh lines, and working out obsessively may improve your physique, but it wont necessarily make you happier.

What will improve your confidence is reminding yourself how beautiful, compassionate, and unyielding talented you are. Youre uniquely you, and with a set of intact, unconditional gifts, talents and attributes that sets you apart from every other person on this planet. Allow yourself to bask in your own originality, and be proud of who you are. Do this daily, and youll slowly increase your confidence, which will improve every area of your life!

The Movie of Your Life
Our negative thoughts can become like a cancer of the mind. Without treating it quickly and aggressively, it can dominate and terminate our ability to have the life we dream of. Negative thinking essentially dictates what we do, what we dont believe we can do, and how we go about doing it.

Boost your confidence by imagining how you want your life to go, scene by scene (as if youre watching a movie). Put yourself in the starring role. Start this movie by closing your eyes, and imagining yourself as you are, right now. Now, imagine this movie fast forwarding to tomorrow. If for example, you have a stressful meeting youre worried about, recreate how the scenario will go in your mind.

Play out the movie as youd like it to pan out from personal interactions to the final outcome. The trick here is to evoke as much emotion as you can while watching your movie. Dont be merely a passive observer, but focus on the emotions, such as confidence, a belief in yourself, joy, and passion for what youre doing.

As you play out this movie (do it several times for maximum benefit), youll change your thoughts about yourself. As you change your thoughts, youll begin to manifest a new outcome one of your own making and that will immediately affect your confidence.

Confidence is in your hands, and its all up to you. How do you want to feel about yourself? What do you want to show the world? Who do you want to be? Focus on these exercises to increase your self-esteem and youll immediately feel a new sense of purpose and meaning guaranteed to knock the socks off of everyone in your life, and most importantly, you!