Think Cleopatra. She was renowned for her beauty. So much so that her beauty secrets are still in circulation lucky for us. The healthier we are, the more beauty we exude. This is not just because the joy of exuberant vitality is hard to hide, its also because when were in ultimate health we have soft, smooth, glowing skin, glossy, well-conditioned hair, and bright, sparkly eyes.

We are bombarded with advertisements promising us eternally youthful looks if we buy certain products. The truth behind many of the lotions and potions we apply to our bodies is that they are packed full of chemicals. Is dousing ourselves with toxic substances really the way to be beautiful? Fortunately, as ever, nature has supplied us with all we need, not just to make us look amazing from the inside out, but also to boost our beauty by nourishing us externally.

Here are some of the juiciest tips for glorious, natural beauty:

For Lustrous Hair:

Coconut Oil is one of the most versatile products for natural beauty so keep some in stock. It is already revered in certain parts of the world for its abilities to moisturize hair and skin. Comb a little into your hair and leave for a couple of hours before washing off with your regular shampoo. It will leave your hair silky, shiny and smelling delectable. If your hair is liable to be greasy, just use a little on the ends. This is oil. Expect it to be oily!

Another concoction for alluring locks is to mash a banana and mix it with an egg. This creates a thickish paste, which you can leave on your hair for 10-30 minutes before your wash it off. Once again you may prefer to condition only the ends.

For damaged hair, mix 3 tablespoons of honey with one tablespoon of castor, or olive oil. Leave this for 5-15 minutes before washing.

Rinsing the hair with a strong chamomile tea after shampooing will help to highlight your hair.

For dark hair use a rosemary brew. This will enhance the color and leave it silky and smooth.

For Full Body Beauty:

Cleopatra bathed in Donkeys milk and honey. Okay, no Donkeys milk at hand? We can use any old milk. Honey and milk baths are wonderful for a sensual soak, which will leave your skin feeling yummy and smelling divine. Add half a cup of honey and three cups of milk to your bath. Also add 5 tablespoons of almond, or olive oil.

To remove dry skin or toxins from your body, make a natural exfoliator. Use as a scrub. Apply to your body in circular motions. Mix some Olive Oil with some Sea Salt at a ratio of approximately 2:1. This will keep your skin fresh, vibrant and captivating. Pay particular attention to areas of rough skin such as around the elbows and heels.

For Facial Features:

Honey is great for the skin and a facial mask of honey once a week is replenishing. Warm the honey slightly between your fingers before applying. Leave on for 5 -10 minutes then wash with warm water.

Another mask thats restorative if you suffer from acne or blemishes is made from a mixture of mashed strawberries. Use a quarter of a cup of small strawberries with one small lemon, 2 tablespoons of honey and a quarter of a cup of natural yogurt. The ingredients exfoliate and moisturize the skin.

For a quick refresh, keep some Aloe Vera Gel ice cubes in the freezer. Take one out first thing in the morning and rub over your face to revitalize tired skin.

Herbal teas can be used as skin toners and are wonderful for your skin. One brew will last for a week and can be kept in a spray bottle and in the fridge. Use as a daily toner and a quick revitalizer. Lavender is particularly refreshing. Chamomile is soothing. Rose water is feminine and sensual.

For Feminine Fragrance:

Dab essential oils onto your pulse points to smell deliciously divine and unique. Aromatherapy Oils have the additional benefit of offering emotional support. The majority of manufactured perfumes contain Phthalates. Unfortunately, Phthalates interfere with our bodys hormonal production potentially introducing dangerous amounts into our systems. This can lead to reproductive, or neurological, damage.

Essential Oils are completely natural. Choose the aromatherapy oil youd like to wear, just as you would your outfit. Match your mood!Jasmine is relaxing and aids self-confidence and sensuality. Rose is romantic but also soothing for tension or anxiety, Orange is energizing, whereas Lemon Balm can be balancing and uplifting. Frankincense is calming and Eucalyptus is stimulating. These alluring aromas can be blended together to create enticing aromas to suit your every need.