Blood pressure is something that often goes unnoticed, unless one has been diagnosed with high blood pressure. We all have blood pressure; in fact every animal on Earth has blood that flows through the body at a certain pressure. When our blood pressure is normal, we can rest easy knowing that one part of our cardiovascular system and body is in its natural state of balance. When blood pressure is high, the body is in a condition of disease, and remedy needs to be sought to bring the body back to homeostasis. Yoga and blood pressure form a direct link, showing us that focused breathing and gentle exercise can keep the body functionally optimally.

Normal blood pressure is created with the contraction of the heart. Blood pressure increases for several reasons, including stress, anxiety, sudden or prolonged fear, anger, and mental exhaustion. When blood pressure rises temporarily, it is usually not cause for worry. When blood pressure remains high, one can experience improper kidney function, diabetes, and heart problems.

Yoga is a natural treatment. High blood pressure is best approached with natural remedies, rather than medications that reduce blood pressure for only a measured period of time. Even with conventional medications there is not a sustained reduction in blood pressure, or a definite cure to this illness. More than 80% of high blood pressure cases are caused by mental strain or unknown reasons, which are often assumed to be stress-related. The best remedy for high blood pressure is to reduce stress; therefore yoga and blood pressure reduction go hand in hand.

Yoga helps to ease the mind, and remove strain and control over ordinary activities that burden the psyche. Yoga is a wonderful, natural treatment. High blood pressure treatments like yoga have no side effects, are free, and help in many other aspects of life like immune system building, peaceful sleep, and even diseases like diabetes.

In yoga, the practitioner moves his or her body through a series or poses, or asana, which assist the mind in becoming peaceful. Like mediation, yoga is relaxing, and calls for the control of the breath, which facilitates oxygen flowing in and out of the blood. Yoga and blood pressure form a symbiotic relationship in which there is little strain on the body and its systems, and big gain in terms of healthy weight, blood flow, and peace of mind.

When practicing yoga, the mind is focused and steady, allowing only calm thoughts to enter and all negative energies of the day to simply fade away. Additional benefits are reaped from yoga on a more physical level as well. With each twist and stretch, the bodys endocrine system is nurtured and cared for, allowing for stress reduction at the same time as the body is strengthening and toning.

If youre looking for a safe, natural, and pleasant way to reduce blood pressure, yoga and blood pressure treatments like a health diet should be one of your primary courses of action.