Hollywood is all about beauty and now it appears a growing number of celebrities are sharing their secrets for looking and feeling beautiful. Its what theyre eating. More and more celebrities are making the decision to put down animal products and focus on eating plant-based foods.

Alicia Silverstone first hit it big when she starred in the movie Clueless, but these days shes far from clueless about healthy eating and living. Silverstone went full on vegan around 10 years ago and now is the author of the vegan cookbook The Kind Diet and her blog The Kind Life.

In addition to the vegan lifestyle which she says has helped her lose weight, get clear skin, improved digestion and an abundance of energy, she also has said her diet now focuses on raw foods where shes finding even greater benefits.

Gwyneth Paltrow has also taken her love of vegan foods to the public with a vegan cookbook. She says she made the change in an effort to overcome extreme fatigue and other health issues and claims the decision changed her life. She too found that she easily shed pounds and saw a boost in energy by eating only plant-based foods.

Scarlett Johansson, the actress named by Esquire magazine as the sexiest woman alive in 2013, turned to a raw vegan diet when she was training to get into better physical shape for her movie The Avengers.

When she discovered her previous diet was not doing enough to change her body and energy, Johansson made the switch and was able to achieve the look and fitness level she was after.

Brad Pitt, who was named the Sexiest Man Alive by more than a few magazines, is also vegan. Are you seeing a trend here too?

Actress/comedian/talk show host Ellen Degeneres does it all and it could be her vegan diet that keeps her going. She said since adopting a diet of plant-based foods, she and wife Portia de Rossi lost weight, gained energy and started sleeping better.

Degeneres said she even noticed an improvement in her skin along with her improved diet.

Golden Globe winner Jared Leto has been following a vegetarian and vegan diet for 20+ years impressive given that hes only 42 years old. Leto credits his plant-based food choices, yoga, good sleep and no alcohol for his youthful looks and high energy.

Leto said when he had to gain weight for a role and turned to unhealthy food to do it, he felt so physically and psychologically off that he swore he would never again take a role that required him to do that.

Other famous actors and athletes who say theyve adopted vegan diets over the years include actor Woody Harrelson, boxer Mike Tyson, supermodel Carol Alt, actress/environmentalist Darryl Hannah, Demi Moore and Cher.

Its easy to say that many of these celebrities can eat the way they do because they have the resources to hire personal chefs to cook for them, but eating vegan doesnt have to be hard and doesnt have to require hours in kitchen.

You too can reap the benefits of a plant-based diet in your own kitchen. And, while it may not help you get a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, it will help you feel better and maybe even get the glow.