The brain and the body are connected in many ways. While stereotypes consider gym jocks to be less on the brainiac side and smart geeks to be less on the jock-y side, these two may be a lot more similar than we think. Studies have shown time and again that to increase brain power, one must physically work the body.

When we decide to use our muscles to perform a task, it is the brain which makes the decision and initiates the movement, sending signals down a neural network to contract each muscle fiber just so. This neural network is what makes up thought, both abstract and practical, in the brain. This is the brain power you want to increase.

Your best way to increase brain power may be to hit the gym!

The relationship between the central and peripheral nervous system goes both ways. There is a continuous feedback of sensory information traveling back to the brain as you interpret the world, without even noticing this is one of two major ways working out is believed to increase brain power.

A classic example of this is when you reach out to pick up a cup which you believe is full. Your fingers find the right pressure to squeeze the cup just enough to lift it and not crush it. You then lift the cup high up into the air, your body giving you the go ahead to lift more weight then you realized.

Without having to consciously think about any of the above actions, the brain interpreted all of the information being sensed at the fingers, hands, and arm muscles.

Keeping this network sharp means keeping both ends in good health. This also leads into the second way working out helps increase brain power. Exercise causes a greater amount of oxygen and blood to course quickly through the entire body, exchanging it for waste. Increase your brain power with a little fun by working out!

Best workouts to increase brain power

The best workouts are diverse ones. This means training as many different elements in a single workout, or a weekly program, to touch all your bases. Include strength, power, endurance and coordination in your workouts. This means lifting weights, performing box jumps, and balance movements followed by a little cardiovascular exercise.

A simple way to keep sharper is to workout in the morning. Working out before you have to get to your daily thinking means sharpening the neurons in your brain, so they conduct and pass information quickly, enabling you to think more quickly.

All that early morning pumping gives the brain plenty of fresh oxygen to run on, seemingly giving the brain more energy.

Increase your brain power by adding a little activity, and youll be pleased with the side effects. Get better sleep, lose unwanted weight, and decrease your chances of developing cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure and diabetes.

The list of benefits that exercise can do for your brain and body is endless. All you need is between 30 and 60 minutes per day, 3 to 5 days per week to start benefiting!