If only inspiration were something you could buy at the store. How much easier would it be to stay motivated and excited about life if we could just always be inspired? But we are not built like that. Even the most creative people occasionally have times when the juices are just not flowing. If your well of inspiration has run dry, here are some ways you can tap back into the joy of creativity.

Play with Children

Children at play have a purity of concentration and joy that is irrepressible and contagious. Spend an afternoon with your nieces and nephews or friends children, immersing with them in their games as much as you can, and let that spirit of play stay with you.

Watch a Puppy

Much like children, animals have a pure curiosity about life that can renew our inspiration. Baby animals are especially adorable and free, completely at one with their environments and excited about everything. Observe or play with a puppy, and let that unconditional excitement wear off on you.

Move Your Body

Stagnant physicality contributes to stagnant energy. When the inspiration is not flowing, hike, jog, dance, go to a yoga or qigong class find some way to move. This will help you be healthier, and both help balance the nervous system and stimulate the release of brain chemicals that are associated with positive feelings two essential aspects of creativity.

Learn a New Dance

Dancing engages the body and mind, bringing us into the present moment. It connects us viscerally with one of the most inspiring aspects of life music. Learning a dance form that is new to you will stretch your brain as much as your muscles, and get your creative juices flowing.

Do Something that Terrifies You

Facing our fears is a great way to break through blocks and emotional numbness. Pick an activity that sparks the most resistance when you think about it, like public speaking or rock climbing, and do it. The challenge and nervousness followed by the sense of accomplishment will open many doors inside you.

Use Your Creativity

Sometimes we need to prime the pump, so to speak. Find some simple enjoyable creative project, like coloring a paint-by-numbers picture or arranging a bouquet of flowers, to turn on your creative right brain.

Call Your Most Inspiring Friend

We all have at least one person in our lives who is on fire and is passionately following his or her dreams. Give that person a call and engage in a conversation about what he or she is currently working on. Let that persons easy exuberance help you feel what being inspired is like.

Watch the Sunrise

Natural miracles have a way of waking up something inside us. And a miracle that is readily available every day is the glorious magnificence of sunrise. Get up early and watch the day begin.

Create a Vision Board

Images inspire our brains in multiple ways. Creating a vision board is a simple project that can be hugely rewarding. It uses simple craft skills, gets you to focus on intentions and ideas, and leaves you with a visual reminder of what you are intending to create in your life.

Have a Playdate With Yourself

Be your own best friend for a day. Go to your favorite place or somewhere new and treat yourself to a fun experience. Go people watching. Eat your favorite foods. Spend a day doing things that you love to do.

Find Inspiring People

Sometimes we need to be in groups of creative people to get our own juices flowing. This could be a jazz club or other live music venue. It could be an opening night gala at an art gallery, or a conference with other people in your field. Or perhaps a group expedition to explore natural wonders in another country.

Dream Bigger

If you are not inspired by your life, it might be because your life is not big enough to fulfill your heart. Are you aligned with your purpose? Are you doing something that feels important to you and that contributes to the world? If so, try the tips above. If not, you might need to rethink your current life plan. How can you dream so big that your intentions stir your heart every day and keep you inspired?

Inspiration is a special gift. It is responsible for some of the most quintessentially human aspects of life art, music, and innovative ideas. At times inspiration just flows with ease. But we all can have times when we just do not feel inspired. When this happens, remember to breathe deeply and practice acceptance. Then find ways to reconnect with your inspiration, like watching the sunrise, dancing, or playing with children. You may be surprised at how quickly your creativity awakens when you pay a little attention to it.