Eating healthily has countless benefits, and a lot of people might wonder what the best foods for skin are. Thats right certain foods can actually make your skin look better and are not just for building muscle or making you skinny. The skin is an organ, too, and it needs nutrients and vitamins as well as anything else. The right kind of food can give you glowing, beautiful skin, from the inside, literally, out. You can use as many skin products as you want to, but feeding your skin with what it needs will make it healthy and truly gorgeous.

Salmon is one kind of food for healthy skin because it is rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Why are those so important? They provide nourish ment for the skin and reduce the amount of inflammatory substances that the body produces which can clog pores. The fatty acids also help diminish wrinkles and fine lines. Sweet potatoes are another food which is great for the skin, because it contains beta carotene, which could help fight against any damage caused by sun exposure. Carrots also contain this amazing antioxidant and thus have similar effects, except its not as packed with the nutrients as the sweet potatoes are. These foods are good for your body, too, as well as your skin, so think of the dietary benefits as well!

Kiwi is one of the best foods for skin out there. This underestimated green delicious little fruit has more Vitamin C in it per ounce than other fruits that initially come to mind when you think of this vitamin, such as oranges and grapefruits. Not that citrusy fruits dont have Vitamin C, but the kiwi has the most per ounce, so even eating a medium-sized one helps your skin maintain collagen. Collagen is how skin maintains its elasticity and stays firm.

Sunflower seeds are a great food for healthy skin because they contain a large amount of Vitamin E. This antioxidant helps slow down the aging of your skin cells and keeps you looking younger for longer. This vitamin is also known to help reduce the appearance of scars, so those sunflower seeds are actually a pretty powerful ingredient for keeping your skin young-looking. Theyre a great healthy snack mixed with raisins, or fantastic sprinkled on top of a salad. Turkey is one of the best foods for skin because of the zinc it contains. Zinc is a mineral which contains elastin fibers and collagen that keep your skins firmness and elasticity. Make a sandwich with turkey and spinach, or a spinach salad with added turkey, for some extra zinc.

When you start to eat more food for healthy skin, you will gradually start to see a difference in the texture, feel and appearance of your skin. Youll also reap the benefits of such a healthy diet packed with nutrients! Also, remember to drink a lot of watereight glasses a day is the recommended amount. Tea is also a good beverage, hot or iced, because of the added antioxidants it provides. Soon, your skin will be aglow.