This delectable, heart-shaped fruit is amongst the top ten when it comes to antioxidant value. The Strawberry has long been known for its healing abilities. The Romans used it for medicinal purposes, treating inflammation, kidney stones, gout, and fevers. Possibly due to its detoxifying capabilities, it was also used to cure bad breath! Bad breath can be a sign that the intestines are in need of cleansing.

Its not just the antioxidants that make this flavorsome berry so very good for our bodies. It is also packed full of nutrients that are beneficial for a number of reasons. Make sure you buy organic Strawberries. The Strawberry is a high ranker in terms of its exposure to pesticides. You want to ensure its not been contaminated. Aim to eat these bountiful berries several times a week and eat them fresh. After two days of storage they begin to lose their density of Vitamin C and Polyphenol antioxidants.

How Can Eating Strawberries Improve Your Health?

What cant the strawberry do?! This healthy powerhouse is packed full of positives. Here are just a few of them:

By Reducing the Risk of Cancer the antioxidants Anthocyanins, Ellagic Acid, Quercetin and Kaempterol are all protective against certain types of Cancer. They limit the damage that can be caused by free radicals. Studies show eating Strawberries can reduce the growth of tumors and decrease inflammation in the body.

By Loving Your Heart introducing regular Anthocyanins into your system has been demonstrated to lower the risk of a heart attack by 32% in young to middle aged women. Quercetin is an anti-inflammatory. This can prevent the clogging of arteries caused by high levels of cholesterol. Similarly, the Polyphenol content in this generous fruit reduces the risk of Cardiovascular Disease by preventing the buildup of plaque in the arteries.

The Fiber and Potassium in Strawberries are also beneficial to your heart. Eating Strawberries can lower Homocysteine levels. This is an Amino Acid in the blood, which can damage the lining of the arteries.

By Lowering Blood Pressure its not good news to have high blood pressure but unfortunately its all too common. A significant percentage of people living in the Western World have high blood pressure by the time they are 60. Having high blood pressure means that your heart has to exert itself in order to pump blood around your body. This increases your chances of suffering from cardiovascular problems, or a stroke. The high levels of Potassium in Strawberries can lower blood pressure.

The body needs a balance of Potassium and Sodium. You want levels of Sodium that are not too high and levels of Potassium that are not too low. Potassium helps negate the levels of Sodium in your system. Be careful. If you are being prescribed Beta-blockers, check with your Doctor before changing your diet. You may need to limit eating the foods that are high in Potassium. Similarly, be vigilant if you have problems with your kidneys.

Improve Your Mood the Folate in Strawberries is responsible for lowering levels of Homocysteine in your body. An overload of Homocysteine can prevent nutrients from reaching the brain, interfering with mood-related chemicals such as Serotonin, Dopamine and Norepinephrine. Increasing your intake of this advantageous fruit can help regulate sleep patterns and how you are feeling. Strawberries are particularly recommended if you are struggling with Depression.

Regulate Blood Sugar Strawberries are great for those who have Diabetes and for those who would like to regulate their blood sugar levels. Having stable blood sugar levels will decrease the chances of developing Diabetes and will inhibit peaks and troughs in energy and mood. Strawberries are beneficial as they have low Glycemic levels in comparison to other fruits. They are also high in fiber. This combination helps the stabilization of blood sugar.

Healthy Pregnancy Strawberries are a wonderful source of Folic Acid. Folic Acid is fabulous for a growing embryo and can help prevent the risk of birth defects.

Glowing Skin this exquisite fruit is hydrating. Excess moisture will keep your skin nourished and vibrant. The high fiber content in the Strawberry will also ensure good digestion. Sufficient elimination of waste products will benefit the overall function of the body and give you radiant skin. The antioxidant, Ellagic Acid, also has anti-aging properties. It serves as a protector of the elastic fibers in your skin keeping it firm and taut.

Aid Weight Loss The Anthocyanins in the Strawberry are responsible for its decadent coloring. They also help the body to burn stored fat! Additionally, studies show that Anthocyanins are remarkably good for short-term memory. Indulge in a Strawberry rich diet and your mind could be more focused. In one study, the short-term memory of participants improved by 100% in only 8 weeks.

Boost Your Bones The Potassium, Vitamin K and Magnesium in Strawberries are all supportive of healthy bones. The antioxidant, Biotin, will also strengthen your hair and nails.