One of the most powerful spiritual texts of the 20th Century is A Course in Miracles, scribed by Helen Schucman between 1965 and 1972. Famous inspirational speakers and writers such as Marianne Williamson have developed their lifes work around this text. They have helped filter some of the fundamental principles of the course into mainstream thinking. It is a great testimony to humankind that spiritual teachings such as these are often making the International bestselling lists. It also validates the philosophy behind the work. Here are some of the fundamental spiritual points of A Course in Miracles:

Nothing Real Can be Threatened, Nothing Unreal Exists

The only truth is the essence of God. We are all fundamentally God essence, the essence of love, already complete, safe, loved and loving. Love is the truth of all existence. Love cannot be changed or altered. It just is. Everything else is a trick of our perception; an illusion. We perceive ourselves to be in a world of opposites; separated from others. Everything we see and experience we perceive as being real. However, our perceptions come from inside us where our egos have distorted the truth. Our egos have us believe there is much to be afraid of, but there is not. There is only love. Everything else is just an illusion constructed by the ego. The course teaches us, the ego seeks to divide and separate. Spirit seeks to unify and heal.

There is nothing to fear

If we can truly believe that we are, in pure essence, love, and everything that is not love is just an illusion born from an ego that believes in separation and danger, then we see that there is nothing to fear. We come from love and we will return to love. The course teaches, it is but your thoughts that bring you fear. It suggests we say, I could see peace instead of this. Any deviation from love (including fear) is just an indication that we have wandered away from the essence of All That Is. Any deviation from love on the part of another is just the same and can be treated in the same way. The antidote is a return to love. Injustices from others are a cry for love and can be treated accordingly. We can also treat ourselves with the same forgiveness we afford to others.

The search for love is but the honest searching out of everything that interferes with love

A Course in Miracles says that we are, in essence, love. Therefore, there is no searching for love. There is just a removal of everything that serves as a barrier between us and who we are in our true essence. If we are feeling negative emotions of any kind, then our ego self is creating a block between us and our essential nature. This is why it feels so horrible. In any instance, we can ask ourselves, how can I see this situation through the eyes of love?, how can I be more loving?, how can I remove the barriers that stand in the way of me and love?

Love will immediately enter into any mind that truly wants it

This is the miracle. The miracle isnt asking for a grand gesture and getting one, but this constant ability to return to love. Whenever we deviate, say for example we are angry with someone because we perceived that they rejected us, we ask, how can I see this situation with love? This opens us up to compassionate thinking; thinking that does not separate the person we are angry with, from ourselves. We can see them in their true essence and have compassion for their actions. We can see ourselves in our true essence and have compassion for ourselves. By finding this place within ourselves, the energy exchange softens, and the situation is returned to love. Illusion is shattered and only truth remains. These are the miracles that happen every day, time and time again, as we continue to return to love. Experiment with it and you will see the truth. All of life is organized toward this return to pure essence; to love.

Everything is an opportunity for healing and for Gods purpose

This lesson from A Course in Miracles makes life beautifully simplistic. In every instance, (regardless of how unpleasant it feels), there is an opportunity to heal more of our illusions, our egos defenses, and return to the God essence of pure love. We were this essence when we arrived in physical form. Our only goal in life is to continue this undoing and move always, evermore, towards the essence of pure love. A Course in Miracles teaches us that our lifes purpose is Gods purpose. We are part of Gods plan to return to love and wherever we find ourselves, this is the only directive; to bring about more love.