When I first heard the term urine therapy I could not imagine anyone benefiting from using waste. After all, I had always heard that urine is a toxic substance. A quick internet search answered my question, explaining that urine therapy is the use of your own urine, whether internally or externally, as a way to sustain or aid your health. People use urine therapy to help treat a wide range of illnesses, as well as to prevent a variety of other medical issues.

Can Your Urine Save Your Life?

In 1992, after an earthquake tore through Egypt, one 37-year old man survived more than three days of being trapped in the rubble by drinking his own urine. His wife, mother, and daughter, however, refused to drink their own urine. They were not so lucky, and died as a result. There are so many stories about people being trapped for long periods of time without food and water, and in almost all cases it was because they drank their own urine. But why is urine a lifesaver, when our body disposes of it as a waste product?

Believe it or not, urine is about 95% water. The remaining 5% is equal parts urea and a mixture of minerals, salts, enzymes, and other hormones that your body doesnt need right now. Urine is a by-product of blood, and while yes, it does contain some waste from the body, overall it is non-toxic. And although it is no substitute for your multi-vitamin pill, urine has been found to contain nutrients such as amino acids, calcium, folic acid, iodine, magnesium, potassium, protein, B vitamins, and zinc.

How Does Urine Therapy Affect the Body?

When I learned this, my first thought was if my body is releasing urine as waste, then wouldnt it be better to put it back into my body? My doctor agreed that this was a very good question, but explained that drinking urine does not put it right back into the bloodstream. Like anything else you drink, it must first go through the digestive system, which filters the urine. Anything your body needs is absorbed, and anything it does not need is eliminated.

Recycling your urine in this way, because it is a by-product of the blood, is one way to flush toxins from your bloodstream to make healthier blood. This improves the health of your cardiovascular system. Anything in urine that is considered toxic works to vaccinate your body from succumbing to illness in the future. This positive effect on the immune system is called auto-inoculation, and is a form of self-vaccinating that prevents the necessity of medications.

What Are the Instructions for Using Urine Therapy?

Using urine therapy is more than just urinating in a cup and drinking or gulping it down as you would a glass of water or soda. While those who support urine therapy do claim that it has properties that fight bacteria, fungus, and viruses, drinking it the wrong way can have an adverse reaction. Here are some tips that you can use to know whether your attempt at urine therapy is one that is safe, healthy, and will benefit your overall well-being.

  • Use midstream urine. The first bit of urine that comes from your body is not appropriate for drinking. It is best to start collecting urine midstream. If you are fasting and the urine is being passed every ten to fifteen minutes, then the urine only needs to be midstream for the first pass.
  • Sip the urine as you would a cup of tea. As mentioned before, do not gulp it down like you would a glass of water. This could cause you to experience loose stools, and other digestive issues that you did not have prior to urine therapy.
  • The first stream of the day is the most important one. If you wake up having to urinate in the very early morning hours, then you are in luck. The healthiest time for you to take part in urine therapy takes place between the hours of 3 a.m. and 4 a.m. However, do not drink urine passed in the night before 3 a.m.
  • Drink at least one liter of water per day. This will help flush the toxins from your urine, and make it safer for you to ingest. Ideally, whether or not you ever try urine therapy for your own health, you should drink an adequate amount of water because of the other health benefits, like healthy hair and nails, better skin elasticity, and healthier organs.
  • Avoid pungent foods, excess salt, and excess protein. This will ensure that your urine has a milder taste and smell, allowing you to have an easier time drinking it. It is also a good idea to increase the amount of fruits and vegetables in your diet.

The biggest hurdle you will face when approaching urine therapy will be the mental idea that you are drinking your own urine. To prepare for the practice, collect some fresh urine and wash your face and hands in it. This will get you used to the texture and smell. After a few minutes, wash it off with room-temperature water without soap. Once you are used to this, you can graduate to putting one drop on your tongue. Then when you get used to the taste, you can begin sipping it until you are fully invested in the practice of urine therapy.

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