Detoxing is no longer something that simply hippies and yogis do and there is a lot more to it than simply torturing yourself through deprivation and starvation as most individuals think. Detox is an investment in your health that everyone should try at least once in their lifetime. It is a gift to yourself which will leave you feeling fabulous, with heightened energy, nice complexion and a sturdy positive outlook, it provides you the chance to Invigorate, Recharge and Reset.

The twenty first century has brought about unavoidable stress and a much faster paced living that has generated bigger demands on our physiological and psychological health.

Home computers, pagers, faxes and mobile phones make it virtually not possible to disconnect and acquire the downtime that our body and mind needs. Combine this lifestyle with additional pressure and unobtainable deadlines and its no wonder we are usually too exhausted and drained to hit the gym or prepare a home cooked meal.

A high number of people in our modern day society are over fed and under nourished.

The harmful effects of excess stress, poor diet and lack of exercise can have a dramatic impact on your health, happiness and well being, but you are not powerless within the battle against stress and burnout, you may not always be in a position to remove the stress factors but youll be able to facilitate to restore harmony and return balance back into your life by taking steps to cleanse your system of impurities and allowing yourself time to rest and rejuvenate.

Participating in a holistic practitioner led Detox program is the safest and most effective strategy towards better health and vitality. Fasting and detoxification programs supply a complete body reset, a chance to Detox the system of built up wastes, bacteria, fungus, parasites, excess fat, emotional stress and most vital harmful toxins.


There are 2 separate classes of Toxins, Endogenous, that are internal and Environmental, that are external. Environmental toxins come from foods we tend to eat, liquids we tend to drink, cosmetics we tend to use on our skin, household cleaners, smoking, medication, heavy metals and pollution.

Endogenous toxins are internal and are produced within the body; these embody chemicals created by the bacteria among the digestive tract, undigested foods, metabolic processes, hormones and toxic thoughts and emotions.


The initial step of the road to wellness is to give your body a break from everything toxic; this includes processed foods, food additives, stimulants, stress, negative individuals, radiated foods, chemicals and other environmental toxins.

The next step is to attempt to get rid of any built up toxins that will have accumulated in the main organs like the liver, kidneys, colon, lungs, skin and of course, the Lymphatic system. The process of Fasting will accelerate the cleansing process by allowing the energy the body is saving on digestion to be directed towards repair and regeneration of broken cells additionally to detoxifying poisons stored deep within the bodies organs.

A combination of top of the range organic powders and specifically formulated herbs in the right dosages will really collate, draw and bind the toxins from the body, the removal process is also assisted by employing a colon cleansing system that flushes the toxic wastes from the complete colon, the process is safe, effective and straight forward. Throughout the process of detoxification, it is crucial to support the body and enhance the immune system by using organic and natural herbs, vitamins, minerals, holistic supplements and super foods.

In addition to physical toxins, its necessary to cleanse the mind of toxic thoughts, emotions and negative feelings that no longer serve you. Yoga, Meditation, Massage, Holistic Spa Treatments and alternative therapies will assist this process by relaxing the mind and clearing the body of imbalances or energetic blockages.


Everyone will benefit from taking part in a cleanse, if you have got medical issues that allopathic medication is not helping, if your overweight, stressed, stricken by acne, cellulite, depression, fatigue, insomnia or general burn out then a fasting program maybe just what you need.

In our current society, standard medicine is typically centered on suppressing and treating symptoms of disease. In holistic health our focus is on prevention of disease and restoring the physical, mental or emotional imbalances within the body. These days it is easier to reinforce our visual look using botox, teeth bleaching, hair dyes, anti wrinkle creams, cosmetics, colored contact lenses, false nails, fake tans etc.

However its what is happening behind the scenes on the inside that really counts. The body ferments from the inside out thus to naturally improve our complexion, our hair, our nails etc. its crucial that we take steps to revive the internal health and alkalinity inside our bodies. This way you truly feel as good on the inside and you look on the surface.


You must value yourself enough to place your health at the top of your list of priorities, what you select to do today will shape your tomorrow and eating poor quality foods, overworking, over thinking or turning into a slave to addictions and unhealthy habits is only going to paint a bleak image of ill health and fatigue in the longer term. Simply changing your diet is not enough on its own if the body is already overloaded with toxins.

To build a solid future for optimal health and vitality the toxic residue needs to be initially eliminated thus the body has full access to absorb and assimilate nutrients as efficiently as possible. Compare it to getting your automobile serviced, by cleaning the filters and the engine, it performs at a higher level and its precisely the same with our own precious vehicle that we hope will perform well for our entire lives.