We have worked very hard to understand the foundations of a healthy lifestyle. Our passion now is sharing the wisdom we have gathered with you, our readers. With the abundance of information available on the internet today it can be challenging to discern substance from fluff. Today we want to share a bit about why we write the articles we do, and what distinguishes us from many websites.


As health professionals, we can only teach what we have experienced and integrated. It is not possible to just read information in a book or article and then teach it in an authentic, effective way. In order to be able to share wisdom in a meaningful way, it must have been lived.

Here at MHLC we are walking our talk. It is not just an image, we are living a healthy lifestyle every day. We have undergone transformation. One member of our team pulled himself back from the fast road to death by transitioning to a healthier way of being. We have experienced first-hand how shifting to eating primarily living foods drastically improves health. We have felt the importance of consistent exercise within our own bodies. We meditate, practice yoga, care for our bodies, and follow our dreams.

We are able to share what we do because we are living it. This informs our articles and coaching sessions with an authenticity and power that is hard to find these days.


At MHLC we do our best to share original content. We pay attention to what is happening in the health world and strive for relevance. We do detailed research, and explore medical studies and journals to find necessary facts and clues. Sometimes we present information taken from these credible sources. But though we may be informed by health experts, our articles are freshly composed, not pasted from other sites. We want to keep the art of writing alive as much as share meaningful content. We want our readers to receive fresh information and insight from what you find on our site.


Much of the health information out there today is hard for the layperson to read and understand. We seek to make intricate concepts and medical data accessible. We want all of our readers to understand the information we gather, and why we make the recommendations that we do. We use language that is engaging and informative, but not purely technical or full of jargon. We intend for our readers to learn new words and concepts when the read our work, but not be overwhelmed by overly specific wordings. We want it to feel like we are in the room with you, sharing what we know heart to heart.


Instead of just offering theories and ideas, we offer practical solutions and tips to help you live a healthy lifestyle. Our articles are intended to serve as a helpful resource, supporting you to make the shift towards a healthier lifestyle one day at a time.

We offer recipes and nutrition information, insight and inspirations about meditation, benefits of yoga and poses to try for different needs, relationship advice and inquiries about the nature of love, and guidance to support your emotional wellbeing. Nearly everything we share is actionable, designed to inspire you to actually do what is needed to find your way through the maze of transformation. We talk a great deal about the importance of simply being, and finding true joy within the self as you are in this moment. And we balance that by sharing the actions you can take to be more comfortable and happy in your own skin.


We bring our passion into everything we do. MHLC is not just a job for us, not just a way to make money so we can do what we really want to be doing. This is what we really want to be doing with our remaining time on this planet. Our heart is in this work. We truly love helping people find ways to be happier and healthier in body, mind, and spirit. This love shows in everything that we share here, our articles and coaching sessions, and the way that we run our business. We let gratitude be the fuel that carries us through our work.

We have a lot to be grateful for here at My Healthy Living Coach. We are living the dream, and getting to support other people to live their dreams in health and joy. We are especially grateful for the many people that read our articles and work with us privately. We feel that we stand out as a health and wellness website because of how we speak from integrated personal experience, offer original pieces, keep our writings accessible, provide useful information that can be acted upon, and let our hearts show in our work. We hope that we can inspire you to keep finding your own ways to live healthfully.