Every time when I trim my hair I am hit with one question in my mind. If I will keep trimming my hair every other time, then how can retain that long length for my locks!

I am sure; even you must have thought the same for a couple of times. But have you noticed one thing? Your hair is prone to damage, split-ends, fall, and appear shapeless and rough, when they are not trimmed, and once you get them trimmed, Alas! Your hair is healthier, less prone to external damages and even fall less.

But before I jot down the reasons that make trimming a soul necessity, I would like to know you the perfect time to get your hair trimmed!

Trimming Your Hair Know the Perfect Time

  • Your hair ends are snapping off even before you notice

Detangling, rough, and uneven shape is some of the traits of snapping off hair ends. While it might be difficult to identify the damage in shorter hair, the truth is that even they need it quite often.

Besides frequent hair shedding, if you have white clumps at the end of the bulb root, then it indicates that your hair has stopped producing color and is now in the shedding stage if not taken proper care.

  • Are You A Heat Styling Lover? Then Trimming is Essential for You


Any type of practice bringing heat into direct contact to your hair strands, like hair dryers, flat irons, curling rods, heat straightening combs, and more extract natural oil from your hair.

Regular application of such tools can make your hair appear rough, dry, and highly prone to split ends. If you dont want to experience severe results, then trimming your hair regularly becomes essential.

  • Excessive Feathering

If the diameter of your hair is more at the roots and less at the bottom, then you have an excessive or extreme feathering hairstyle.

Feathering is the hair shape that makes your hair look like feathers by tapering off the ends to the thinnest volume.

Extreme feathering makes your hair prone to split ends particularly when they are of shoulder length. The best and safest way to keep your feathered hair healthy is to get them trimmed on a regular basis.

  • Frequent Wear and Tear of Your Hair

The wear and tear of hair are more, especially when they are of shoulder length.

Any friction between the hair and your shoulders, or clothes results in hair damage. Even if your individual strands are thicker, still you may experience the damage but to a limited extent.

So, either you need to change your hair updo, or you need to get the hair trimmed to get rid of all the wear and tear due to the regular friction.

  • Your Hair Grow from the Roots, and Hence Ends are the Oldest Part

I think most of you must be aware of this fact. Our hair grows from the roots and reaches to the ends, thereby making these ends the oldest part of our hair.

So, your ends need more attention as they lack sealing moisture and even are not able to receive the goodness being received by the roots.

Sealing your ends with moisture and nutrition is essential and if you fail to do so, then your end will tend to get damaged over time. So, if you want to retain your health, then you must provide your locks with proper care and the ends with proper moisture. If you fail to do so, then trimming becomes extremely important.

  • If youve Got Dry Hair

If you have dry hair then bringing the natural moisture from the roots to the ends might be one of the toughest tasks to do.

You can try deep conditioning, moisturizing, and salon services, but if nothing works out, then getting your hair trim is recommended.

Trimming Your Hair Reasons to Do This

  • Split Ends Keep on Growing

You might not be aware, but this is the truth. Split ends keep on growing and splitting in numbers. They become from two, to three, and even more.

Split ends are not good for hair health and can spoil the beauty of your hair. Trimming is the finest way to get rid of them.

  • Uneven Hair Color

Have you ever noticed the variations in color of your hair and your split ends? They differ a lot.

The reality is that even others notice them too. So, if you want to get rid of the uneven color of your hair then get them trimmed on time intervals.

  • Get Back the Lost Shine

Too much split ends tend to make hair appear dull and dry.

Besides weekly hair masks, you can retain the shine of your hair by alleviating all those ugly split-ends.

So, develop a regular habit of trimming of those nasty split-ends to get beautiful, thick, and shiny hair.

Bonus Tips!

  • There are no hair care treatments proven to treat split-ends. You can cure or rectify split ends. Trimming is the only way to get rid of them.
  • Regular trimming does not increase the pace of your hair growth. Trimming is all about keeping your hair well-maintained, in proper shape, and healthy. Your hair grows at its own pace, even after trimming.
  • Open hair is more prone to split ends then tied hair.
  • Excessive styling results in more damage to the hair, especially when you use heat hair styling tools.
  • Conditioning and moisturizing your hair with natural hair oils is an effective way to keep your hair ends moisturized.