One of the most common questions people ask before switching to a raw food diet is will I like it? It can be difficult to imagine eating only raw, uncooked foods but it is an extremely healthy diet that is certainly worth considering.

The Raw Food Diet

The raw food diet is not so much a diet as a lifestyle choice. Also referred to as rawism or raw foodism, this diet involves consuming only uncooked and unprocessed natural foods. The staples of the raw food diet are fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. Because the diet allows for foods to be heated to a maximum of 115F. What foods are not consumed raw on the raw food diet may be dehydrated this cooking method is used to pull the moisture from foods to make them edible. Many people think that the raw food diet is extreme or radical but its benefits are founded in science and it is rapidly growing in popularity.

Benefits of Raw Foods

The main benefit of the raw food diet is, of course, that the foods are raw and completely natural. This being the case, processed foods play no part in the raw food diet. This means that you will be freeing your body from the toxins and other health dangers associated with these foods.

Another benefit associated with this diet is the fact that raw foods still contain their natural enzymes. Raw foodists maintain that heating food above 115F destroys the natural nutrient content in the food, thus diminishing its benefits for you when you eat it.

Natural foods contain enzymes which help your body to break down the food and absorb the nutrients heating destroys these enzymes and interferes with your bodys nutrient absorption.

People following the raw food diet cite another benefit of the diet as increased energy levels. Eating raw, natural foods will not only fuel your body with healthy nutrients but it will naturally increase your energy levels. You will have more energy during the day, but will likely experience more restful sleep at night. Followers of the raw food diet also claim increased mental clarity, fewer food cravings and digestive regularity.

Preparing for the Diet

If you are concerned about whether or not you will like the diet, there are a few things you can do to prepare. Make a list of all the natural foods you enjoy this includes fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. You can also include dried fruits like raisins and dates. The more you think about it, the longer your list will become and you will find that you can still enjoy many of your favorite foods while following the raw food diet.

You will also find that cooking and cleanup becomes a lot easier and who doesnt want that?

Speaking from experience, the raw food diet is definitely something everyone should try once. I found that eating raw foods helped me to feel more energetic and more connected to the earth and the world around me. The benefits you experience may be different but you wont know what they are until you try!