Pulling oil? It may sound a bit strange, or even bizarre, but oil pulling could treat every physical ailment you have in a natural and effective way. And the truth is, when youre consistent with your oil pulling practice, it does.
Do you struggle with acne, bad breath, yellow teeth, dryness of the mouth and lips; hormone imbalance, sinus and vision problems?

Its a Natural Weight Loss Tool
Oil pulling, otherwise known as oil swishing, is thought of as a new trend, but its far from new. The Chinese, Europeans and Indian culture have used it for centuries! Got weight to lose, and nothing else has worked? Forget the empty promises made by your latest fad diet campaign. Dont spend the energy feeling horrible about the way you look, but instead, look at oil pulling as your golden ticket to weight loss. It raises the metabolism. It increases your energy. It even detoxes your system so that you can regulate your imbalanced hormone levels, and revert back to a healthy weight.

While many people think that only through buying expensive products such as whitening strips, prescriptive medication for bad breath or hormone imbalance regulators can cure the ailments you have, heres another thought cure yourself holistically, and through the ancient practice of oil pulling instead. Restore yourself to good health through one of the best alternative medicines (not to mention the cheapest!), and all by an ingredient you have in your pantry.
Oil pulling can be used with any oil you have at home, although sesame oil is thought to be the best. From bronchitis to bleeding gums, (and just about everything in between!) oil pulling is an alternative form of healing, and a cure that can alleviate all of your following symptoms:

Headaches and migraines
Kidney problems
Digestive issues
Weight Loss
Prevention of tumors
Sore gums
Tooth pain
Reduce risk of heart disease

Many people spend so much time, money and emotional energy on medications, surgery and remedies for their ailments, but the reality is, those kinds of treatments are just a band-aid for the cause.

Oil pulling is the practice of swishing oil such as sesame, olive or sunflower oil in your mouth for up to twenty minutes and cure the root of the problem before it even arises in a do-it-yourself manner. Oil pulling isnt a band-aid for your symptoms. It actually serves as a practice that can restore and re balance your bodys abnormal levels back to good health and balance.

Is it a miracle cure?
Some think it is, but thats just the beginning. Oil pulling is an empowering way to stop the dependence of weight loss mania, and harsh medication that only temporarily solves your issues. Just think about how liberating and freeing it is to treat and cure your own problems, and to be able to put your health in your own hands. As something you can do easily once a day, good health is just a swish away.