Yoga for diabetes
Studies have indicated that people suffering from diabetes can obtain relief from practicing Yoga regularly. This article about the best postures of Yoga for diabetes. A word of caution is that the poses described could be harmful, more so for diabetics. The various postures may place strain on a diabetics body which could possibly cause the person to become sick such as nausea or vomiting. The best thing to do before practicing Yoga would be to seek the advice of your doctor before commencing practice.

The most basic and most practiced and declared the best postures of Yoga for diabetes is the Downward Facing Dog pose. This is useful for calming the nerves and helps digestion. It controls and lowers high blood pressure which type 2 diabetics usually suffer from. The best way to execute this pose is to keep your fingers spread apart while sucking in your belly. Bending your knees is allowed if keeping your heels on the ground places strain on your body or causes any other form of discomfort.

Big Toe Pose
This is another pose that helps digestion and bestows tranquility. This pose stimulates blood flow to the liver and the kidneys and keeps them from being damaged. Stimulating blood flow to your liver protects it from damage because diabetes is probably the most common cause of kidney failure. Bending your knees to avoid strain is allowed even for this pose. This pose also protects diabetics against non-alcoholic fatty liver diseases and is one of the best postures of Yoga for diabetes

Triangle pose
The triangle pose is also among the best postures of Yoga for diabetes. This specific pose causes your abdominal body parts to response positively to yoga. It is also very helpful for digestion which basically improves the quality of life for a diabetic. If you are not comfortable with this yoga exercise, it is suggested that you use a yoga block for stability. You can also lean against a wall for additional assistance. After you have practiced the pose on one side, continue the exercise on the other side.

Western Intense Pose
This pose basically places pressure on the pelvis. You must be sure that you have a grip on your abdomen so that your lower back does not bend under the pressure. This exercise is to firm up pelvic floor muscles as these muscles are weak in diabetics, especially in women. Women with diabetes are at greater risk of losing control over their bladders and bowels. It also stimulates the flow of blood to the liver which again aids digestion. This pose basically also reduces corpulence.

Hero Posture
As with all other postures the Hero Posture helps digestion and makes the pelvis stronger. It also reduces high blood pressure. To practice this posture, you must keep a firm and straight pelvis and keep your shoulders square and upright, not rounded. The ideal position would be to sit on the ground between your feet. However, should that not possible because of unbearable strain, then a yoga block placed between your heels would make you more comfortable.