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10 Ways to Get Time to BREATHE!

10 Ways to Get Time to BREATHE!
Deep breathing is one of the cornerstones of health. Shallow breathing depletes our energy and causes physical and mental stress. Deep breathing nourishes every cell in the body, helps protect us from disease, and gives us more energy. But knowing that fact and actually living it are two very different things. Here are some...

Ten Techniques for Relaxing before a Visit to the Dentist or before Surgery

Relaxing before a Visit to the Dentist or before Surgery
Do you get anxious before a visit to the dentist, or afraid before undergoing surgery? If so, you’re not alone. It is natural to feel some fear before an experience such as this. However, it isn’t pleasant. Especially, not if the fear is verging on terror rather than mild anxiety. Fortunately, it is so...

My Mother & Father Didn’t Tell Me They Loved Me, Is That Why I Am So Anxious?

My Mother & Father Didn't Tell Me They Loved Me, Is That Why I Am So Anxious?
We all carry wounds from our childhood. Part of becoming a healthy adult is exploring the roots of our current behaviors, motivations, triggers, and perspectives. One of the most important things that parents give children is affection. An infant who is not touched will grow ill, even if that baby receives adequate food and...

10 Relaxation Techniques That Can Change My Life

Relaxation Techniques
Relaxation is the natural state of most living things. Even the busiest of creatures like squirrels and bees are usually calm as they go about their work. But modern humans seem to have lost this natural ease of being. It would appear that we eat stress for breakfast; with the level of tension and...

5 Tips to Handle Anxiety

Handle Anxiety
Do you feel like you are constantly overwhelmed by life? Are you worried about every little thing that might go wrong? Do you start your days already in panic mode before you even leave your home? Anxiety and other stress-related disorders are one of the biggest threats to health today. Stress causes or contributes...

How Can I Stop Fearing Death?

Stop Fearing Death
Very little is certain in our lives. We know that we were born. And we know that, eventually, we are all going to die. What we do with the time in between is up to us. Most people are able to integrate this knowledge in a way that allows them to still live their...

I Am Consumed by Fear! 10 Ways to Stop Living in Fear

I Am Consumed by Fear! 10 Ways to Stop Living in Fear
Confucius, a Chinese philosopher many centuries past, said that "the only thing to fear is fear itself." This axiom still holds true today, as all across the globe we see people acting as if they are living in terror. Fear is so pervasive that it can seem impossible to break free from it, and...

10 Things People Stress About … That May Not Be Worth It!

10 Things People Stress About
Feeling stressed on occasion is normal. A little bit of pressure can inspire us to evolve. But chronic stress takes a heavy toll on our bodies, weakening our immune systems, slowing metabolism, and interfering with higher brain functions. And while some stress may be unavoidable, often we stress ourselves unnecessarily. If you find yourself...

5 Ways to Relieve Stress About Money

Stress and money
 Money is one of the biggest stressors for most people in the developed world. Money worries can trigger couples to fight horribly and inspire people to commit terrible crimes. On a smaller scale, fear of lack cuts us off from living our dreams and doing what we really want to do with our lives....

Know the Effects of Stress on the Mind and Body

Effects of Stress on the Mind and Body
Stress is a reality and, for many, it can become a way of life. Sometimes we simply feel like we aren’t living if we aren’t stressed about something. The reality is, however, that stress can have very damaging effects on your mind and body. Understanding Stress The word “stress” actually refers to your body’s response to...

How Do Stress and Anxiety Affect Brain Health and Productivity?

Stress and Anxiety Affect Brain Health
 We’ve all had those days where we simply don’t have a moment to breathe. After you drop the kids off at school you have to pick up the dry cleaning and get to work yourself. In addition to picking the kids up from school, you also have to run to the store and get...

Best Stress Busting Tips and Tricks

Best Stress Tips
Has stress gotten the best of you lately? The facts of life go like this: Not everything is fair (except perhaps, love and war.) The only thing that will stay consistent is change. And most of all, stress will happen – and when it does, accept it, cope with it, and if you want to...


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