Pregnancy Symptoms and Signs

Pregnant or not? For many, that’s the nail biting, riddled with anxiety question. But is it as easy as you think it is to identify the key signs and symptoms of pregnancy, before the test strip tells you so?

And how can you know for sure? When it comes to pregnancy, there are both common and unusual symptoms, and every woman is different. Learn how to identify your own signs in this short, to the point and helpful guide!


You’re Off Balance – Literally!
There’s one thing about early pregnancy detection that most baby books won’t tell you about. Hormone changes start from the moment of conception, and if you’re pregnant, your blood flow is going into overdrive. That may be why you have to catch your fall a time or two. Got vertigo?

That’s common in many women, especially early on before there’s a thought in their head that they could be pregnant at all! Drink lots of fluids, and make an appointment to see your doctor asap if you feel off balance, are lightheaded, or just feel ‘off’. Generally, that’s your ‘gut’ telling you something’s going on with your body – like a bun in the oven!

Hair, Hair Everywhere!
For better or worse, your hair grows at a faster pace than when your pregnant than when you’re not. Put it down to hormone changes, but one of the most common pregnancy symptoms is that long hair of yours to grow even longer in a short period of time, stronger nails, and um…shaving more regularly.

While this isn’t an exclusive symptom of pregnancy, it is one of the most common ones.

A Metallic Taste in Your Mouth
Who knew that your taste buds actually go through chances just as much as your waistline does when pregnant? While this is one of the early signs of pregnancy, it can last up to the end of the second trimester, and is a key factor in determining what will turn you on and turn you off, food wise.

Feeling nauseous at the smell of greasy grilled cheese sandwiches or a cup of freshly brewed coffee? Aversions to food is normal, and if you’re pregnant, could last until the second trimester. If your nausea is particularly bad, take a sniff of lavender or eucalyptus oil to calm your nerves.

Sickness – It’s Not Just for the Morning Anymore!
If you’re lucky, you’re pregnant and with only a small bout of sickness in the morning. If you’re not so lucky, you may be dealing with sickness during the morning, and until well into the evening.

As the most common sign of pregnancy, otherwise known as morning sickness, it typically begins a few weeks after conception, and can last as long as your 25th week (on average).

If your sickness is particularly bad, try the following:

• Stick to eating cold foods, as opposed to hot foods. The reason being is that cold foods have less of a smell and consequently, less likely to trigger food aversions.

• Before you start moving around in the morning, eat a few whole grain crackers or a piece of bread. This can help with the nausea significantly!

• Incorporate more vitamin K into your diet, such as kale or other leafy greens.

Each pregnancy varies, as each woman is different from the next. No matter what symptoms you may be having, realize that there are effective natural cures that can help diminish the discomfort, and spend some time focusing on the big picture – in retrospect, it’s a small price to pay for the amazing life you and your child will share together.

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Jane Heyman
Jane’s background in Nursing and Medical Administration are a perfect fit with the role she has created as co founder for My Healthy Living Coach (MHLC). Having seen the effects of chronic illness, her attention to alternative living was born. The combination of natural therapies with traditional medical practices is something that Jane is particularly interested in researching and reporting.