Playing soccer or football is an excellent way to have fun, while keeping your body fit and healthy. Soccer is a game played by two teams with 11 members each. Each team has to score a goal using their feet, hands and body.

The team with the highest score wins the game. It’s a game that requires the movement of all parts of the body, and an alert mind that can make decisions promptly. Here are the health benefits of soccer.

Boosts mental/cognitive abilities

Soccer is a form of exercise that promotes blood circulation in the body, and thereby, facilitates the swift delivery of oxygen to the brain. Oxygen allows the neurons or brain cells to function properly. Without oxygen, you can become brain dead, and unable to perform any of your mental abilities.

Furthermore, soccer could promote your mental alertness, prompt decision-making, amplified acuity of your senses, and your team playing skills. You would learn cooperation, patience, and diligence. In essence, it doesn’t only develop your mental abilities, but it also cultivates your good traits as a soccer player.

Boosts-mental-cognitive -abilitiesEnhances Blood Circulation

Exercise enhances blood circulation. This is because when you exercise, you have to use more energy, so the body has to provide this energy demand by increasing the circulation to promote the conversion of glucose to energy.

Glucose is the main source of energy in the body. Without sufficient supply of glucose, you could become hypoglycemic, and can experience syncope. Thus, it’s imperative that your blood circulation is enhanced for the smooth and efficient distribution of glucose.

The blood also transports essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals to the various parts of the body. When there’s insufficient blood, there would also be insufficient nutrients, which can cause necrosis or death of that particular area.

Promotes Elimination of Waste Products from the Body

Because of increased circulation, the toxic products of metabolism will be delivered rapidly to the main excretory organs. These are the kidneys, lungs, skin pores, intestines, while some are detoxified in the liver. With the facilitation of the excretion of these waste products, the body would be detoxified properly and remain healthy.

When these waste products of metabolism are not eliminated from the body, this would cause toxemia or poisoning of the body. This is fatal and could result to coma and death. You wouldn’t want this to happen, right? Hence, if you cannot go out and play soccer, you can always engage in indoor soccer.

Strengthens and Tones the Muscles

When you play soccer, you utilize all the muscles in your body; thus, your muscles are exercised and would become stronger and well-toned. The more you exercise a muscle, the stronger it would become. In addition, you would attain muscle agility, muscle mass, and flexibility. However, ensure that you’re wearing the right soccer shoes.

You can be injured, if you’re not wearing the suitable apparel. A sport wear that is not too tight or too loose would do. Too tight clothing can constrict blood vessels and cause injury to that body part.

Ascertain that you perform stretching exercises before playing the game to prevent injuries. This practice will prevent muscle damage caused by sudden muscular exertion. It’s like jumping into a cold swimming pool, while you’re still half awake.

go-out-and-play-soccerStimulates Proper Respiration

Soccer involves running around and physical exertion. Therefore, your respiration is affected. You hyperventilate. When you hyperventilate, the excretion of carbon dioxide is increased, and the inhalation of oxygen is promoted. This would help the respiratory system get rid of unwanted acidic substances from the body, such as carbon dioxide.

The increased respiration would help too in the rapid exchange of gases. There should be periods of rests between games though, to allow your respiration to go back to normal. Prolonged hyperventilation can result to acid-base imbalance, such as respiratory alkalosis.

Respiratory alkalosis is a condition, wherein the pH of the blood becomes more than 7.45. The normal blood pH is 7.35 to 7.45, which is slightly basic. This can be caused by the increased excretion of carbon dioxide because of hyperventilation.
The blood pH is the acidity and alkalinity of blood. This pH of the body must be maintained at all times for the body to stay healthy.

Improves immune system

Not only soccer but all exercises help in improving your immune system. This is because body cells become stronger and more resistant to illnesses. The physiological functions of your organs would be more efficient too.

The first protection of the body from bacterial invasions is the skin. The T-lymphocyte and its allied cells are crucial part of the immune system, as well. The phagocytes are also responsible in phagocytizing (engulfing) foreign bodies and pathological microorganisms.
Regular exercise and proper food aid in the improvement of the immune system. A balanced diet and regular exercises are good techniques in ensuring that your immune system remains topnotch and efficient.

Burns calories to reduce weight

Playing soccer will help in burning the calories in your body, and reduce your weight. You would surely lose a significant amount of fats. In place of those stored fats and glycogen, you will acquire firm and sinewy muscles.

Soccer can eliminate those ungainly sights in your body because of excess fats and carbohydrate. Your conversion from an overweight wallflower to a gorgeous ‘life of the party’ girl would bolster your self-confidence. This could help you become emotionally stable and mentally healthy.

Soccer can help you attain this physically, mentally and socially healthy condition. Just acquire the habit of playing soccer, and you’ll definitely benefit from it.


Playing soccer has numerous health benefits. You should take advantage of the fun and healthy benefits the game provides. You can also play other sport games, if you find playing soccer too physical for you.

What’s important is that you must engage in a physical activity that would keep you fit, trim and healthy. As the cliché goes, “Prevention is better than cure.” Hence, try playing soccer now, and you won’t regret it.

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