What is Bullet Proof Coffee? Is it Good For Me?

Bullet Proof Coffee has increased in popularity due to the numbers of people reporting increased energy and weight loss since incorporating it into their daily diet. In fact, the feeling obtained from Bullet Proof Coffee has been described as ‘un-describable’! The recipe, created by Dave Asprey, is an adaptation of Yak Butter Tea, drank by native Tibetans. Dave noticed that by drinking this tea, the Tibetans were maintaining hydration and energy for long durations. This encouraged him to develop his own recipe containing coffee, grass fed butter and MCT oil. He named it Bullet Proof Coffee. After replacing his daily breakfast with this recipe, he reports feeling amazing and losing 100 pounds. The Bullet Proof Coffee Diet was born. Since then it has gained esteem with others, who have also experienced good results. There do seem to be pros and cons, however.

Lets take a further look at the debate surrounding Bullet Proof Coffee:

What is Bullet Proof Coffee? 

It is suggested that you drink Bullet Proof Coffee in the morning as a replacement for breakfast. The recipe consists of two cups of coffee (this needs to be of the highest quality coffee and free from mycotoxins), two (or more) tablespoons of grass-fed, unsalted butter and one, to two, tablespoons of MCT oil. Once properly mixed in a blender, this concoction has the appearance of your usual coffee with cream. It is reported to have a pleasing taste.

What are the benefits of Bullet Proof Coffee? 

Bullet Proof Coffee has gained particular notoriety amongst those who favor a Paleo diet. The Paleo diet suggests we develop a way of eating which mimics our cave-dwelling ancestors; namely, high in protein and low in carbohydrates. Paleo’s tend to avoid wheat, grain and dairy. Many advocates of the Paleo diet find that this way of eating also increases energy levels and promotes weight loss. The MCT (Medium Chain Triglycerides) oil in Bullet Proof Coffee is believed to improve metabolism. Therefore, although Bullet Proof Coffee is high in fat, this is metabolized quickly and burned as fuel, rather than stored as excess weight. Caffeine can encourage a speedy metabolism. The feelings of alertness may be attributable to the caffeine. However, without further research this can’t be asserted. The large amounts of fat in Bullet Proof Coffee are thought to satiate appetite so it is unlikely that you will reach for snacks throughout the morning. This increases the chance of weight loss. It has been noted, however, that weight loss won’t necessarily occur unless you combine Bullet Proof Coffee with an otherwise healthy diet (Paleo, in particular). If your diet is ordinarily high in fats, or processed foods, it is possible you will experience weight gain rather than weight loss.

Is there a downside to Bullet Proof Coffee? 

To be honest, yes! Those in favor of Bullet Proof Coffee seem to be those who have incorporated it into their diets and experienced a positive result. Not those with nutritional, or medical, expertise. Although there are physicians and nutritionists who support the possible benefits of MCT oils, many reports from professionals voice concerns about the long-term effects of Bullet Proof Coffee. For starters, replacing a nutritious breakfast with a substitute that is very low in essential nutrients goes against advice. Statistics suggest that if Bullet Proof Coffee is used as a replacement for breakfast (and hence one of our daily meals) our nutritional intake can be reduced by up to a third.

Is it healthy to consume so much fat?

There is also worry around the amount of saturated fat consumed. Consuming large amounts of fat has never been considered a good thing and there is a possible link between those on the Bullet Proof Coffee diet and elevated cholesterol levels. One Bullet Proof Coffee contains approximately 50g of fat. This is 200% the recommended daily amount of saturated fat in one sitting!

MCT Oil – the good and the not so good

There are health benefits linked to MCT oil. The fact that the body breaks down these medium chain fatty acids so easily means they produce energy quickly. MCT oil may also be good for people with mal-absorption problems, as the body absorbs MCT with ease. On the downside, research on whether MCT oil aids weight loss has unearthed mixed results, some evidence suggests it does, other results are contradictory. It is also worth knowing that this product is not entirely natural.  MCT oil is manufactured, using a process called fractionation, to produce a more concentrated form.

Is the caffeine good for me?

Finally, extra coffee drinking is not for everyone. Some people are particularly sensitive to the effects of coffee, experiencing elevated heart rates, nervousness, and, in worse case scenarios, paranoia. It can affect sleep patterns, even if consumed in the morning. Caffeine is capable of disrupting the absorption of vitamins and minerals required by the body. So, you may be inadvertently reducing your nutrient intake even further.

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