Even though its untrendy I try not to make juice or make smoothies from fruit and vegetables all the time. The mechanics of doing so damages both the soluble and insoluble fibre content which means the soluble fibre in particular, is broken down in our gut before its ideal. This can result in the payload of micronutrients, vitamins and minerals being delivered too soon and to the wrong place so we dont get their full benefit. Furthermore the soluble fibre, when its not all been whizzed to bits in a blender, takes longer to digest meaning you stay fuller for longer.

But munching fruit all day can be pretty boring so making a gazpacho is the perfect compromise. A good amount of the fibre remains undamaged so the mineral and micronutrients are delivered lower in our gut where they should be. And our taste buds get a really happy zing, as the only limitation to making gazpacho is our imagination.

To make this gazpacho take your peeled chopped cucumber, your chopped sweet pineapple, Melissa or mint and your apple and lemon juice. Blend these lightly so you have a rough, chunky mush. You dont want a puree or else too much of the fibre can be damaged.

Once this mix is lightly blended add your blueberries, which youve quartered by hand, a teeny tiny pinch of magnesium and a small pinch of salt (optional but if youre in a very hot climate it might be recommended.)

Stir gently and serve. If you can wait for half an hour it gives the mint/Melissa flavours time to permeate.


Serves One

1/3 large ripe pineapple
1/3 large peeled cucumber
12 mint or Melissa leaves
50ml fresh apple juice
Juice of 1/3 of a lemon
Pinch of magnesium
Pinch of salt

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