Weight loss is a common issue for all people, but it does tend to affect women more than men. That is not to say that there are more overweight women than there are men, but they are usually more concerned with this problem. Society, as a whole, also tends to emphasize the female figure more than it does the male one so there can be a lot of pressure on women to lose weight. That is why there are so many miracle pills, fad diets and magic devices which are supposed to help with this issue. Of course, most of them do not work. The only tried and true way to lose weight in a safe and efficient way is with a good diet and exercise. Eating properly is key to success so it is important to know what the healthy weight loss foods are.

Salad is a great addition to any diet. It is very low in calories and contains a lot of vitamins. A good strategy would be to eat a big salad right before a meal. That way you will already be half full when the meal starts and you will have a lower tendency to over eat.

If you are a fan of spicy foods then you should look to eat as many red hot peppers as possible. The active ingredient in all hot peppers, capsaicin, can suppress the appetite. If you can endure it, then eat a pepper right before a meal or even an entire bowl for breakfast.

If vegetables are not your thing then give fruits a chance. All fruits are considered healthy foods for weight loss because they have few calories yet contain plenty of nutrients. Therefore you are free to choose your favorite fruits and eat them as snacks or desserts. However, it would do you a favor if you were to eat a lot of pears or grapefruits. Both are ideal healthy weight loss foods.

People tend to use a lot of oil when they cook their food. If you do this, make sure to only use olive or vegetable oil. It is much healthier than the alternatives such as butter or lard. Another useful cooking ingredient for those that want to lose weight is vinegar. The acetic acid which it contains slows down your food processing power, therefore making it take longer until you feel hungry again.

Tofu is definitely an acquired taste. Even those that like it do not find it particularly filling. However, if you do like tofu then do not be afraid to chow down whenever you want on it. You can even eat some before another meal as it also diminishes your appetite.

Eggs are also part of the healthy weight loss foods. This might seem weird to some as most of us know that eggs raise our cholesterol levels so they are unhealthy. That is true, but only in excess amounts. Eggs are full of protein so one or two at breakfast can keep you satiated throughout the day.