The combination of bananas and strawberries in this sumptuous Smoothie make this drink a nutritional powerhouse, as well as a treat for your taste buds. The flavorsome banana is a great fruit for its complementary taste. It can be combined deliciously with numerous fruits. Furthermore, it adds a creamy texture to any Smoothie. Because of its high Potassium and Carbohydrate content its popular with athletes and a good booster after a work out.

That doesnt mean it isnt good for others too. There are only one hundred calories per an average sized Banana and the high fiber in this fruit will help you to feel full for longer. Good news for those interested in weight management! A Strawberry and Banana Smoothie makes a fantastic, nutritious, low fat breakfast. It will keep you feeling vital and energized throughout the morning. It is a good all-round pick-me-up and tastes amazing too!

Why is a Strawberry and Banana Smoothie Quite So Wonderful?

The Fiber in the banana is great for digestion and can help relieve uncomfortable symptoms such as constipation (another good argument for including this smoothie in your diet first thing in the morning). It further helps the digestive tract with an ingredient known as Fructooligosaccharide. This encourages the enrichment of helpful bacteria and increases our bodys ability to absorb essential minerals.

The amino acid, Trptophan, plays its part in regulating our intestines, which then enables healthy amounts of Serotonin production. Serotonin is responsible, in part, for our feelings of happiness. It is involved in good sleep patterns, a sharp memory and a stable appetite. Strawberries contain Folate, which prevents homocysteine from interfering with Serotonin levels. If youre feeling a little bit down, a Banana and Strawberry Smoothie, is a way to perk you up.

High levels of Potassium and anti-oxidants in both bananas and strawberries protect against diseases of the kidneys and some forms of Cancer. Potassium and Fiber are both great for a healthy heart. Potassium lowers blood pressure and the anti-oxidants in strawberries can help lower bad cholesterol levels and help prevent clogged arteries and the risk of stroke or heart disease.

This super Smoothie is also great for supporting and strengthening your immune system.

How to Make a Fabulous Banana and Strawberry Smoothie?

Obviously, the key ingredients are bananas and strawberries. The beauty of smoothies is that you can create them to suit your desire in terms of taste and texture. You can experiment with amounts and with contents until you have created the smoothie of your dreams. As a guideline for the most fabulous of Banana and Strawberry Smoothie, however, you will need:

5 to 6 Strawberry and one medium sized banana.

You will also need one and a half cups of milk or approximately 300ml. You can use whatever milk you choose. Low fat, Goats milk, or milk substitutes such as Soy, Rice, Almond or Coconut. Almond and Organic Coconut Milk give you an added taste sensation.

Also, have at the ready, four ice cubes and about one cup of natural yogurt. Once again, with the yogurt you can vary according to your tastes. Vanilla, Honey and Coconut are all complementary tastes.

Place these ingredients into a blender and mix until liquidized. You may want to change the texture or consistency. You can thicken the consistency by adding more banana, or yogurt or freezing the banana. You can make the texture more watery with the addition of more milk or ice-cubes.

For something a little bit extra special add a tablespoon of clear honey before you blend. Garnish with some fresh sprigs of mint.