Fit Spirit® Yoga Starter Set Kit

Price: $23.95

Categories: Yoga.

Product Description

Package Includes:

72x24x3mm PVC Yoga Mat

9x6x3 Yoga Block

24×72 Yoga Towel

15×24 Yoga Hand Towel

6ft Yoga Strap

Smart performance results for the exceptional yoga. Take your yoga experience to the next level with Fit Spirits professional-quality yoga starter set combo set B. Featuring five of our most sought-after yoga accessories, this starter set provides everything you need and more to master both basic and advanced yoga techniques.

Choose your favorite color and conform alongside these accessories to build a stronger and more stable yoga routine. This combo pack includes one yoga mat, one form block, one yoga strap, and two must-have sizes of our microfiber yoga towel. Find the comfort and convenience your yoga routine desires and let your Fit Spirit soar.

Just as maintaining your health should be a part of your lifestyle, so should maintaining the products you use to support your health. To continue using your mat to the best of its ability, you should perform simple routine maintenance to keep your mat in pristine condition. The positive energy you give to it will channel back to you during your practice.

Gently wipe your mat down with a wet cloth or mild cleaning liquid. Allow your mat to air dry. Roll your mat with the fabric facing outwards to keep the corners of the mat flat.