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10 Ways to Get the Greatest Benefit from Meditation

10 Ways to Get the Greatest Benefit from Meditation
You probably now that meditation is a powerful way to support your health. Meditation has been shown to help people heal from a variety of diseases, and improve concentration, memory, focus, creativity, and problem-solving skills. But knowing that meditation is good for us, and knowing how to do it well, are too very different...

7 Reasons Why Meditation Is Good for Stress

Meditation Is Good for Stress
 Stress is so common today it's considered normal. Most adults in urban environments operate under constant stress. It seems to give us the energy needed to get through our busy lives. But chronic stress is killing us. Chronic stress causes or contributes to the growth of disease in profound and systemic ways.Occasional stress is...

Five Ways Meditation Can Create Space in Your Life

Five different ways of meditation
1. By giving you positive focus Have you ever noticed that if you start the day in a chaotic way, the negative momentum slams out of the door right alongside you? Perhaps the alarm didn’t go off and you had to rush to get to work on time.  Then you forget your phone. You smash a...

Benefits of Meditation with Yoga

Benefits of Meditation with Yoga
If you’ve ever tried meditation, you’ll most surely agree that meditation enriches your spirit like practically no other action, or inaction can. A meditative state is a state of pure bliss, a state of peace that exists from doing nothing more than bringing awareness to your own breath, physical body, and spiritual self.Yoga and...


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