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Raw Food

8 Ways a Raw Food Lifestyle Can Prevent Diabetes

Raw food and diabetes
 Some diseases are genetic, and their development may be inevitable. But some are caused, or at least worsened, by what we eat and the way we live. While there is no one cure-all for completely preventing diabetes, certain lifestyle choices can significantly reduce the likelihood of developing type 2 diabetes. Our choices can also...

9 Ways to Use Coconut

Coconut uses
 Coconut is a delicious staple in many parts of the world. From the electrolyte-rich water of young cocos to the cell-nourishing oil in older nuts, they are one of nature's most versatile gifts. Some indigenous cultures use every part of the coconut palm for food, fuel, instruments, and building materials. While we don't need...

7 Steps to Start a Raw Food Diet with an Easy Transition

Start a Raw Food Diet with an Easy Transition
 When you decide to explore the radiant world of living foods, it can be challenging to know where to begin. You have probably seen the pictures of shining faces promising a clearer complexion and boundless energy, and many people do experience those benefits when they make the switch. Eating living foods has been responsible...

Top 6 Health Benefits of Lemon Water

Health Benefits of Lemon Water
 You know you should drink water—and around 8 glasses a day. We’ve heard this recommendation from nutritionists for years. Water alone helps maintain the balance of body fluids, aids weight loss efforts and keeps muscles, kidneys and the bowels functioning.But if you’re looking to improve your health even more by what you drink, you...

Essential Supplementation for a Healthy Vegan Diet Based on Raw Only!

Supplement info for raw food lovers
 Our diets form the cornerstone of our health, and make all the difference between just trudging through life and thriving. If you are thinking about shifting to a raw foods lifestyle, or have already made the quantum leap to this vibrant colorful world of living foods, you probably feel like a superhero.But if you...

Rainbow Living – Why Diversity is Important on a Raw Food Diet

Raw food tips
 You probably know by now that we love living foods around these parts. Eating a raw foods diet has helped us feel more vibrant than we would have thought possible just a few years ago. But like any mode of eating, we have learned that there are healthy, life-supporting methods for thriving on living...

Fighting Type 1 Diabetes and Raw Food

Type 1 Diabetes and Raw Food
If you are fighting this debilitating condition, or know someone who is, you probably have a lot of questions. In my experience diet plays a huge role in treating diabetes.I have seen time and time again how switching to a whole foods diet that is mostly raw vegetables, seeds, and nuts can help diabetics...

Celiac Disease and the Raw Food Diet

Raw Food Diet
Celiac disease is a serious condition but it is one that can be managed through a healthy diet. In addition to removing gluten from your diet, you may also find it helpful to switch to eating raw foods. Keep reading to learn more. Prevalence of Celiac Disease In keeping up with recent health and fitness trends,...

Give It to Me Raw: Why Unheated Protein is Best

Unheated Protein is Best
 Ah, protein. Essential for every cell in the body, protein is one of the most contested nutrients these days. With so many people saying such different things about the type of protein we need, it can be hard to know what to eat.In my experience, raw, plant-based protein is the easiest to digest. I...

Why You Need A Raw Food Diet Plan?

You Need A Raw Food Diet Plan
One of the most common questions people ask before switching to a raw food diet is “will I like it?” It can be difficult to imagine eating only raw, uncooked foods but it is an extremely healthy diet that is certainly worth considering. The Raw Food Diet The raw food diet is not so much a...

Cleanse Your Liver With Raw Foods

Cleanse Your Liver With Raw Foods
 The liver is one of the most important and multi-talented organs in the body. It performs more than 5,000 functions, including detoxifying the blood, creating proteins from amino acids, storing energy, supporting the immune system, and assisting digestion. It is the main filtering organ of the body, and all blood flows through it at...

A Beginner’s Guide to Setting Up a Raw Food Kitchen

Guide to Setting Up a Raw Food Kitchen
You probably know by now that a diet of primarily raw, plant-based food is responsible for our glow. Eating mostly raw food can reduce the likelihood of developing cancer and other diseases, and support you to be radiantly healthy, energized, and vibrant.While you can get by with just a sharp knife and cutting board,...

What is Nut Milk and It’s Benefits?

Benefits of Nut Milk
Just because you give up dairy doesn’t mean you have to give up your favorite foods. A quick trip to the grocery store will reveal a variety of dairy-free options including nut milks like almond milk!When I chose to remove dairy from my diet, I was concerned that I would have to give up...

How to Start a Raw Food Diet (A Quick Beginner’s Guide)

Start a Raw Food Diet
 There are many benefits associated with following a raw food diet and it may be easier than you think to get started. Read more to learn how to jumpstart your raw food diet.Before You BeginWhen I first made the decision to follow a raw food diet, I wasn’t sure where to begin. I understood...

Raw Diet Guidelines for High Blood Pressure

Guidelines for High Blood Pressure
High blood pressure affects more than 744 million Americans, and often leads to heart disease or stroke. In many cases, the cause of high blood pressure is unknown, but what is known is that diet and exercise have shown to help this dangerous condition.The most effective high blood pressure diets include lots of raw...

Can You Reverse Heart Disease on a Raw Food Diet?

Heart Disease on a Raw Food Diet
Heart disease is a chronic health problem that increases a person’s risk for stroke, heart attack, and other health crises. Lifestyle choices can lead to heart disease, which means you have a great deal of control over the health of your heart.Exercising, eating right, and reducing stress reduce your risk for developing heart disease....

Raw food diet may reverse or eliminate Diabetes

reverse or eliminate Diabetes
Is it possible to reverse diabetes with diet changes alone? Some health experts and patients believe it is. Even those who are skeptical about a complete reversal of the disease understand that a change in eating habits makes it much easier to control and reduces the need for diabetic medication. Eating a raw food...

Best ways to reduce blood pressure with Raw Diet?

Blood pressure and Raw Diet
High blood pressure is a major concern for a lot of people. There are millions out there that suffer or are at risk of having this condition, also known as hypertension. Therefore, it would be wise to do what you can in order to lower your blood pressure and prevent any further medical complications...


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