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Vegan Food

Our Vegan Food Archives have a variety of articles concerning the natural and healthy way of enjoying food without any meat.

5 High Protein Vegan Lunches

High Protein Vegan Lunches
 Upon making the choice to go vegan, the first thing friends and family asked me was, “How will you get your protein?” When people think protein, they think of meat, like a fat, juicy steak or a pork chop rubbed down with barbecue spices. I’m not one of those people, however. As a vegan,...

5 Ways To Go Vegan To Lose Weight

5 Ways To Go Vegan To Lose Weight
 Although there are many reasons for choosing a Vegan or Vegetarian diet, many people first consider a plant-based diet in the pursuit of weight loss. Vegan and vegetarian diets typically contain higher quantities of fresh, whole food relative to the standard American diet, which is high in processed fare and fast food.While a vegan...

Is It Possible To Eat Too Much Fruit?

Eating too much fruit
 It’s impossible to deny the benefits of a nutrient rich, produce-packed diet. We’ve long been taught that eating our fruits and veggies is an important component of a sound nutritional plan.However, the majority of us tend to eat a disproportionate amount of fruit relative to vegetables - and who can blame us? Fruit’s sweet...

5 Creative Ways to Cook with Turmeric

Cooking with turmeric
 Turmeric might be one of the most amazing foods known to man. I know that is a bold statement, but turmeric is a bold plant. It is highly anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, anti-biotic, anti-septic, and anti-cancer. Basically it can kill almost anything bad in your body and improve circulation, digestion, metabolism, and immunity. If you only...

10 Ways to Use Ginger

Ways to Use Ginger
 Ginger is a staple in many Asian dishes, and with good reason. Ginger’s health benefits range from easing nausea to providing relief from aches and pains to even potentially slowing the growth and development of certain cancer cells. Some even say ginger has aphrodisiac properties, which makes sense given its ability to improve circulation.Including...

6 Ways to Make Guilt-Free Gourmet Dishes With Coconut

Guilt free gourmet recipes coconut
 We love the taste of gourmet food. The smells, textures, and flavors provide otherwordly experiences. The way it melts in our mouths gives a pleasure that cannot be described in a way that really does it justice.Unfortunately gourmet dishes are often unhealthy for our bodies, with dairy, gluten, cane sugar, or other ingredients we...

It’s Easy Being Green

Health Benefits of Chlorophyll
 What's your favorite color? While we love all the colors of the rainbow here at MHLC, green is our most popular. In addition to being the color of the heart chakra, we see green in the verdant trees that give us oxygen and the vegetables in our garden that feed us. And it turns...

Vegan Celebrities Shine in Hollywood

Vegan Celebrities Shine in Hollywood
 Hollywood is all about beauty – and now it appears a growing number of celebrities are sharing their secrets for looking and feeling beautiful. It’s what they’re eating. More and more celebrities are making the decision to put down animal products and focus on eating plant-based foods.Alicia Silverstone first hit it big when she...

Top 5 Reasons to Go Vegan

Top 5 Reasons to Go Vegan
 There’s a reason – actually, there are a lot of reasons – that a growing number of people are hopping on the vegan bandwagon. It’s because following a vegan diet is good for you!Unlike vegetarians, pescetarians, lacto-vegetarians and a whole lot of other ‘arians’, vegans avoid consuming any animal products, including eggs, dairy and...

Vegan Valentine’s Day

Vegan Valentine
Valentine’s Day is all about love, flowers, romance… and candy. If your significant other is vegan, you may be wracking your brain trying to figure out how to honor the day with sweets for your sweet vegan.Thankfully, we’ve come to realize that there are plenty of ways to make the holiday special – and...


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