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10 Ways Yoga Can Help Addicts

Yoga Can Help Addicts
Of the many ways that we limit ourselves, addiction can be the saddest and most frustrating. It is one thing to be in the throes of a degenerative disease or virus. It is a whole other to know that we are basically killing ourselves because of our choices - or inability to make choices.But...

Breathing in Yoga Is Just as Important as the Poses

Breathing in Yoga Is Just as Important as the Poses
If you only paid attention to mainstream media depictions of yoga classes, it would be easy to believe that yoga is all about contorting into camera-ready aesthetically pleasing shapes. But the physical poses are only one small aspect of a full spectrum spiritual practice. What Is Yoga?  The word yoga means "to yoke, to bring together...

Yoga Therapy for Cancer: Will It Help?

Yoga Therapy for Cancer: Will It Help?
Alternative therapies for cancer treatment are being explored in a variety of settings. Even some conventional doctors are beginning to recommend complementary health practices like meditation, art therapy, prayer, and yoga to support people living with cancer.Yoga therapy is a relatively new modality that is based on and derived from the ancient practices of...

Can Yoga Be Therapeutic?

Therapeutic Yoga
Yoga is an ancient school of philosophy from India. It includes practices for the body, mind, and spirit. Yoga has been used as a tool to support spiritual evolution for thousands of years, and continues to offer a wealth of benefits to modern practitioners. But modern yoga classes consist mostly of young people in...

How Yoga Can Help Prevent Cancer

Yoga Can Help Prevent Cancer
Cancer affects millions of people all over the world. The reasons that healthy cells turn cancerous are numerous and complex. Cancer is caused by a variety of genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors. While some of the causes of cancer are mysterious or beyond our control, there are many things we can do to support...

Top 5 Yoga Poses for Women to Inspire Weight Loss

Yoga Poses for Women to Inspire Weight Loss
Yoga offers many potential benefits for dedicated practitioners. It can reduce stress, lower blood pressure, increase immunity, and improve digestion. All of these play a factor in finding and maintaining a healthy weight. A consistent Yoga practice has been shown to support weight loss efforts, when combined with an overall healthy lifestyle that includes...

10 Ways that Yoga Can Help You Find Inner Happiness

10 Ways that Yoga Can Help You Find Inner Happiness
Yoga has become popular as a way to reduce stress, improve flexibility, and boost immunity. But the physical benefits of yoga are only one part of what makes this ancient science so powerful. We all want to find the secret to eternal happiness. And while true happiness can only come from within, some tools...

Quick Yoga to Help You Be More Productive at Work

Quick Yoga to Help You Be More Productive at Work
We could all use more time in our days. And while we cannot actually stretch time, stretching ourselves a few times a day can help us have more energy and clarity. That translates to increased productivity and better overall health. Here are a few simple movements adapted from Yoga that you can do on...

15 Minute Morning Yoga Sequence for Energy

15 Minute Morning Yoga Sequence for Energy
Do you wake in the morning ready to take on the world like a champion? If the answer is "not really," then perhaps you could use a little help. Thousands of people all over the world start their days with Yoga to increase circulation, boost metabolism, and wake up body and mind. And while...

How to Choose a Yoga Mat

While it is possible to practice Yoga anywhere on almost any surface, having the right equipment can make it a lot more comfortable and safe. A quality, sturdy mat is helpful to get the most out of your practice. Yoga mats help cushion the joints when sitting or kneeling. They provide crucial traction for...

5 Wake Up Yoga Poses – That You Can Do in Bed!

5 Wake Up Yoga Poses - That You Can Do in Bed
We all know how important it is to start the day with some type of movement practice. Starting the day with Yoga helps clear the mind and energize the body. It also boosts metabolism, increases circulation, supports the immune system, fights inflammation, and inspires greater mental health.But some days, no matter how good we...

Relieve Back Pain in 15 Minutes with these 4 Yoga Poses

Relieve Back Pain
Do you suffer from a sore or stiff back? If you have not had an injury, chances are your back pain is caused by poor posture or stagnation. Practiced daily, these simple Yoga poses can help you experience more ease and comfort in your back.Before you begin this sequence, it is important that your...

Yoga Breathing: Seven of the Best Tips

Yoga Breathing: Seven of the Best Tips
Yoga Breathing, otherwise known as Pranayama, is one of Yoga’s five principles. The word Pranayama, broken down, shows us why breathing is an integral part of Yogic philosophy and practice. Prana is our life force, or our life energy. Yama means ‘to discipline’ or ‘control’. Ayama translates as expansion. Oxygen is the most valuable...

How to Choose the Best Yoga Clothes for You – And Why It Matters

Choose the Best Yoga Clothes
 After you find a yoga teacher that inspires and supports you, and get the mat and props you need to make the practice effective and safe, you need to choose clothes that help you get the most out of each practice.While it is true that yoga meets you where you are and you can...

6 Yoga Asanas to Get a Flat Tummy

Yoga Asanas for flat tummy
 Feeling weighed down by some seasonal overindulgence? Or just want to look and feel your best without doing crazy cardio? Yoga can help you develop tone and strength in your whole body, including your belly.One secret to tight abs is that you have to exercise the whole body along with targeted core work. If...

Can Yoga Improve My Sex Life?

Can Yoga Improve My Sex Life
 The ancient Yogis would be astonished at the idea of using Yoga to improve one's sex life. Part of the work of most classical Yoga lineages was to redirect sexual energy towards meditative practices so that the practitioner could experience liberation from desire.But the gift of living in these modern times is that we...

Turning up the heat on Yoga: Bikram Yoga, the good, the bad, the sweaty

Bikram Yoga, the good, the bad, the sweaty
 Whether it’s in the office, at the gym, or in line at the grocery store, we’ve all had someone extol us with the virtues of hot yoga. They’re never felt more flexible, alive, and healthy, they tell us. They lost three pounds in a week. They’ve never had a better workout in their entire...

5 Reasons Yoga is Great for Everyone…Even Men!

Yoga good for everyone
 Back in the day (aka traditionally) physical Yoga was primarily practiced by men. There were always women practitioners, of course, but Yoga asana was mostly engaged in by serious acetic men who would renounce a normal, worldly life in favor of a spiritual quest for enlightenment. It often involved living in a cave or...


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