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Homemade Natural Pesticides for Your Garden

Homemade Natural Pesticides
If you are going to take the time to plan, plot and plant your garden then the last thing you want is for it all to be ruined by pests. While certain insects including bees and butterflies are very beneficial to the garden, others can wreak havoc on your plants, damaging or even killing...

Best Ground Cover Plants for Landscaping

Best Ground Cover Plants
If you have a large yard and do not want to deal with the hassle of mowing the entire thing every week, consider adding some ground cover plants. Ground cover plants typically spread quickly and grow low to the ground. Many varieties even produce colorful, fragrant flowers that will enhance the appearance of your...

Top 5 Most Fragrant Herbs

Most Fragrant Herbs
Having a herb garden is a wonderful idea for any home. Not only do you get to enjoy growing your own food, but you also get to benefit from the beauty and fragrance of the herbs as they grow. The great thing about herbs is that most of them are very hardy – you...

The Role of Bees in Your Garden

When you see a bee flying around your house, your first instinct may be to swat it. It is a pest, after all. Isn’t it? The truth of the matter is, however, that bees play a very important role in the circle of life and, more specifically, in your garden. In this article I...

What is 4×4 Gardening?

4x4 Gardening
Whether you live on a large plot of land or in small urban apartment, you want to make the most of your space. Just because you have limited space doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your desire to grow your own food. It is entirely possible to have a thriving, productive garden with just...

Gardening for the Urban Dweller

Urban Gardening
Just because you live in the city doesn’t mean that you give up the right to experiencing fresh, homegrown vegetables and herbs. There are many different gardening options that are specifically designed for small spaces or even indoor areas. If you want to enjoy the taste of fresh herbs and vegetables without paying a...

How to Make the Most of a Small Garden Plot

How to Make the Most of a Small Garden Plot
If you have a small plot of space in your backyard that you have been wanting to make a garden out of, what are you waiting for? Don’t think that just because the area is small that it cannot be used – it is possible to feed an entire household with the harvest from...

How to Grow Strawberries at Home

How to Grow Strawberries at Home
With all of the negativity surrounding much of the way the food we buy is produced, and with consumer prices seemingly on the rise, many of us are turning to growing our own produce. Strawberries are a delightful fruit to grow. They are super-berries packed full of nutritional value. Strawberries are vibrant and pleasing...

How to Grow Herbs in Your Apartment

Grow Herbs in Your Apartment
 Just because you live in an apartment and do not have space for a garden doesn’t mean that you can’t benefit from fresh, homegrown herbs. Buying fresh herbs at the grocery store can be very expensive, especially if you use them often. The solution you are looking for may be easier than you think...

The Top 5 Container Vegetables

Top 5 Container Vegetables
 Not all of us are lucky enough to have a large yard with plenty of room to cultivate our dream garden. If you live in an urban area or simply don’t have a good place for a garden, do not despair! You can still grow your favorite vegetables using what little space you have....

What 6 veggies are the best to start growing in my new Veggie Patch?

My new Veggie Patch
 Gardening is a fun way to grow your own food. I first started gardening when I realized how much money my family was spending for organic produce. I thought, “For these prices I could plant a garden and grow my own vegetables!” While I started with vegetables, I quickly learned the benefit of growing...

7 Reasons Why Growing Kale Is So Healthy

Why Grow Kale
 Everywhere I look I’m seeing recommendations for adding kale to my diet. Because I don’t have good memories of eating this as a child, I was dubious about why I should try it as an adult. My desire to eat healthy won out over my taste buds and I began to find ways that...

5 Ways that Gardening is Calming & Relaxing

Relax and calm with gardening
 I started growing vegetables in my back yard a few years ago. After spending a small fortune for organic produce at the local farmer’s market, I thought this is food I could grow myself! After all, I had the space to do it, and how hard could it be to plant seeds and water...

7 Healing Herbs You Can Grow Easily in Your Home Veggie Patch

Healing Herbs You Can Grow Easily
 Interested in learning about the potent healing properties of herbs first hand? Try growing these traditional herbs in your own garden. They are easy to care for once they get started and provide a wealth of medicinal and culinary value.It is important to note that different herbs have different light, soil, and drainage needs,...

If Children Grow Kale, They Eat Kale!

If Children Grow Kale, They Eat Kale!
 I am overjoyed when I see a child in a garden, knee-deep in dirt, with a very intent expression that breaks into an ear-to-ear grin at some new earthly wonderment. Gardening is a very healthy activity for kids. It teaches them several valuable life lessons, and adds vibrant food to their meals. If children...

5 Reasons House Plants are Good for You

Reasons House Plants are Good for You
 We love being surrounded by green growing things. Whether you live in the city or the country, in a sprawling mansion or tiny apartment, bringing the living energy of plants into your home is one of the best things you can do for your physical health and mental wellbeing. 1. Moisture  As part of the photosynthesis...


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